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Pier Paolo Pasolini Director
Franco Citti Actor

Love Meetings

Pier Paolo Pasolini Director
Pier Paolo Pasolini Actor

Soft Hearts

Joel Lamangan Director
Enrico Quizon Director

Gun Woman

Kurando Mitsutake Director
Kurando Mitsutake Writer of accompanying material


Patrick Carpenter Director
Leo Joris Actor

La Leon

Santigo Otheguy Director
Jorge Román Actor

Oedipus Rex

Pier Paolo Pasolini Director
Franco Citti Actor


Nia Danata Director
Cut Mini Actor

Fogi Is a Bastard

Marcel Gisler Director
Frédéric Andrau Actor

Go West

Ahmed Imamovic Director
Mario Drmac Actor


Alessandro Avellis Director
Axel Philippon Actor

Day of Anger

Tonino Valerii Director


Lionel Baier Director
Lionel Baier Actor

Friends Forever

Stephen Henszelman Director
Claus Bender Mortensen Actor

Hawks and Sparrows

Pier Paolo Pasolini Director
Toto Actor

The Gospel According to St....

Pier Paolo Pasolini Director
Enrique Irazoqui Actor

We Were One Man

Philippe Valois Director
Serge Avedikian Actor


Wolfgang Petersen Director
Jurgen Prochnow Actor


Pier Paolo Pasolini Director
Pierre Clementi Actor

Right By Me

Thanyatorn Siwanukrow Director
Palat Ananwattanasiri Actor

To Die Or Not

Ventura Pons Director
Roger Coma Actor

Little Vera

Vasily Pichul Director
Natalya Negoda Actor