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Midnight Horror Show

Andrew Jones Director
Andrew Jones Writer of accompanying material


Gary Breslin Director
Wolf Schmidt Producer

The Shadow People

Brian T. Jaynes Director
Nicholle Walton-Durban Producer


R. P. Patnaik Director
Prasad Kunisetty Producer

Haunting of Foster Cabin

Rand Vossler Director
Tracy Morse Writer of accompanying material

The Evil Within

Andrew Getty Director
Michael Luceri Producer

Hollows Grove

Craig Efros Director
Craig Efros Writer of accompanying material


Antony Smith Director
Antony Smith Producer

Bad Behavior

Lisa Hamil Director
Nicholas David Brandt Director

The Harvesting

Ivan Kraljevic Director
David Gareis Producer

Range 15

Ross Patterson Director
Ross Patterson Producer

Living Among Us

Brian A. Metcalf Director
Brian A. Metcalf Producer

The Unwilling

Jonathan Heap Director
David Lipper Producer

Prom Ride

Kazeem Molake Director
Kazeem Molake Writer of accompanying material