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Michael Lansu Director
Malik Yoba Actor


Alex Van Warmerdam Director

Hunting Season

Tom Sizemore Actor
Eduardo Castrillo Director

The Seduction

Morgan Fairchild Actor
Michael Sarrazin Actor


Damien Dante Director

The Seasoning House

Paul Hyett Director
Michael Riley Producer

Meet Me There

Lisa Friedrich Actor
Michael Foulk Actor

American Violence

Bruce Dern Actor
Emma Rigby Actor

The Rohl Farms Haunting

Codero Roman Director
Luke Rohl Actor

At Granny's House

Les Mahoney Director
Bill Oberst Actor

Spreading Darkness

Robert Davi Actor
James Duval Actor

Exit 14

Tom Sizemore Actor
Joe Salcedo Director


Timothy Woodward Director
Michey Rourke Actor


Johnny Messner Actor
Dolph Lundregren Actor

Wolf Warrior

Jacky Wu Director
Lv Jianmin Producer

House on Haunted Hill

William Castle Director
Robb White Writer of accompanying material

The Domino Principle

Stanley Kramer Producer
Gene Hackman Actor

Bad Moon

Mariel Hemingway Actor
Michael Pare Actor

Cheap Thrills

E. L. Katz Director
Gabriel Cowan Producer

Sword of Vengeance

Jim Weedon Director
Matthew Reed Writer of accompanying material


Andy Sechi Producer
Michael James Regan Actor

Unknown Caller

Oblin Olson Director
Amariah Olson Director

Kill Game

Robert Mearns Director
Joe Adler Actor

The Warp

Gene Shibuya Director
Meredith Grau Actor

Maniac on the Loose

Steve Hudgins Director
Steve Hudgins Producer

Deadly Virtues

Edward Akrout Actor
Matt Barber Actor

Kidnap Capital

Felipe Rodriguez Director
Julia Blua Producer


Joseph Sims-Dennett Director
Joseph Sims-Dennett Writer of accompanying material

White of the Eye

Donald Cammell Director
David Keith Actor


Nick Willing Director
Michelle Carmada Producer

The Big Sleep

Elliott Kastner Producer
Robert Mitchum Actor


Kim Hong-seon Director
Yeon-ju Choi Producer

The Messenger

Richard Hart Producer
Joely Richardson Actor

The Final Wish

Lin Shaye Actor
Michael Welch Actor

Silent Night, Deadly Night,...

Lee Harry Director
Eric Freeman Actor

The Last Seduction

Linda Fiorentino Actor
Bill Pullman Actor


Ray Sharkey Actor
Judy Landers Actor


Michael Piccirilli Actor
Pamelyn Chee Actor

Paranormal Island

Marty Murray Director
Lance Henriksen Actor

The Beekeeper

Jim Durward Director
Jules Hobson Actor


David Field Director
George Basha Actor


Daniel Yee Heng Chan Director
Ramy Choi Producer


Kimo Stamboel Director
Yoshinori Chiba Producer

The World of Kanako

Tetsuya Nakashima Director
Koji Yakusho Cast Member


Marilyn Chambers Actor
Frank Moore Actor

The Crush

Cary Elwes Actor
Alicia Silverstone Actor


Hitoshi Matsumoto Director
Keisuke Konishi Producer

The Scopia Effect

Joanna Ignaczewska Actor
Louis Labovitch Actor