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The Haunted House on Kirby Road

Adam Rodness Producer
Nina Kiri Actor


Damien Dante Director

The Seduction

Morgan Fairchild Actor
Michael Sarrazin Actor

The Seasoning House

Paul Hyett Director
Michael Riley Producer

Death Island

Craig Bouwens Actor
Nicole Bray Actor


James Roday Director
Todd Harthan Writer of accompanying material


Elma Begovic Actor
Wozniak Wozniak Actor

The Editor

Adam Brooks Director
Matthew Kennedy Director

Kill Game

Robert Mearns Director
Joe Adler Actor

Hillbilly Horror Show, Volume 4

Sharif Salama Director
Bo Keister Actor

The Warp

Gene Shibuya Director
Meredith Grau Actor

The Doll Master

Steven M. Smith Producer
Tony Fadil Actor


Joe Giannone Director

Maniac on the Loose

Steve Hudgins Director
Steve Hudgins Producer


Fabrizio Laurenti Director
Harry Spalding Writer of accompanying material

White of the Eye

Donald Cammell Director
David Keith Actor

Bloodsucking Bastards

Brian James Director
Dr. God Writer of accompanying material


Marcus Nispel Director
Kelly Blatz Actor


Nick Willing Director
Michelle Carmada Producer

The Final Wish

Lin Shaye Actor
Michael Welch Actor

Silent Night, Deadly Night,...

Lee Harry Director
Eric Freeman Actor

Zombie Fight Club

Joe Chien Director
Andy On Cast Member


Joe Dante Director
Kevin McCarthy Actor

Meet Me There

Lisa Friedrich Actor
Michael Foulk Actor

Hell Night

Irwin Yablans Producer
Linda Blair Actor


Liz Lehmann Director

Red Christmas

Dee Wallace Actor
Geoff Morrell Actor

The Most Dangerous Game

Irving Pichel Director
Ernest B. Schoedsack Director

The Rohl Farms Haunting

Codero Roman Director
Luke Rohl Actor

Army of Frankensteins

Ryan Bellgardt Actor
Jordan Farris Actor

At Granny's House

Les Mahoney Director
Bill Oberst Actor

Exit 14

Tom Sizemore Actor
Joe Salcedo Director

The Final Terror

Andrew Davis Director
Jon George Writer of accompanying material

Night of the Demons

Kevin Tenney Director
Joe Augustyn Producer

Zombie High

Ron Link Director
Paul Feig Actor

House on Haunted Hill

William Castle Director
Robb White Writer of accompanying material

Bad Moon

Mariel Hemingway Actor
Michael Pare Actor

The Little Shop of Horrors

Roger Corman Director
Charles Griffith Author

The Unbidden

Charles Lei Producer
Tamlyn Tomita Actor


Ray Sharkey Actor
Judy Landers Actor

Paranormal Island

Marty Murray Director
Lance Henriksen Actor

Alien Valley

David Benjamin Franco Director
Ben Martinez Director

The Ballerina

Deena Dill Actor
Thomas Mikal Ford Actor


Ashley St. Jon Actor
Eli Rich Actor

All the Devil's Aliens

David Gries Actor
Lisa Mueller Actor


Ryan Graham Director
Tracey Graham Producer

Phantom from Space

W. Lee Wilder Director
W. Lee Wilder Producer

Little Dead Rotting Hood

Jared Cohn Director
Eric Balfour Cast Member