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Video Communications

James Wilcox Author
David Gibson Author

Mathematics Education for a...

Keith Devlin Author

A Diagnostic Atlas of Tumors...

Tim Price Editor
Paul Montgomery Editor

Handbook of Robust Low-Rank...

Thierry Bouwmans Editor
Necdet Serhat Aybat Editor

Image and Video Compression

Madhuri A. Joshi Author
Mehul S. Raval Author

Handbook of Video Databases

Borko Furht Editor
Oge Marques Editor

Becoming a Video Game Artist

John Pearl Author

Science Fiction Video Games

Neal Roger Tringham Author

Multimedia Image and Video...

Image Processing (Series)

Ling Guan Editor

Image and Video Compression...

Image Processing (Series)

Yun-qing Shi Author
Huifang Sun Author

Interactive Stories and Video...

Chris Solarski Author

Creating Flash Advertising

Jason Fincanon Author

Creative Motion Graphic Titling

Bill Byrne Author
Yael Braha Author

New Realities in Audio

Stephan Schütze Author
Anna Irwin-Schütze Author

Composing Music for Games

Chance Thomas Author

Optimal Resource Allocation...

Yifeng He Author
Ling Guan Author

No-Code Video Game...

Michael Kelley Author

Bio-Inspired Computing for...

D. P. Acharjya Editor
V. Santhi Editor

Digital Video Image Quality...

Signal Processing and Communications (Series)

H.R. Wu Editor
K.R. Rao Editor

Storytelling for Interactive...

Nicholas B. Zeman Author

Advanced Video Communications...

Ce Zhu Editor
Yuenan Li Editor

The Gamer's Brain

Celia Hodent Author