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Making YouTube Videos

Dummies Junior (Series)

Nick Willoughby Author
Will Eagle Contributor

Sell Your Home Videos For Cash

Bruce Kilgour Author

111 Tips to Create Impressive...

Doris-Maria Heilmann Author

Computer-Aided Analysis of...

Jorge Bernal Editor
Aymeric Histace Editor

Learning Vector Illustration...

Jodi Staniunas Hopper Author

Make Your Own Amazing YouTube...

Brett Juilly Author

Performance Evaluation Software

SpringerBriefs in Computer Science (Series)

Bahadir Karasulu Author
Serdar Korukoglu Author

How to Make Money from Public...

Juha Öörni Author

Peer Pedagogies on Digital...

Learning in Large-Scale Environments (Series)

Michael Dezuanni Author

Master VideoScribe Quickly

Jeremy P. Jones Author

Make Money Selling Your... Incorporated Author

Python Programs for...

Manohar Narayan Purohit Author

Organize Your Digital Life

National Geographic & Yellow Border Design (Series)

Aimee Baldridge Author

Awesome Sauce

Josh Stock Author

Hands-On Image Generation...

Soon Yau Cheong Author

Hacks for TikTok

Kyle Brach Author

YouTube Strategies 2016

Paul Colligan Author

Essential Guide to Making...

Michael Kevin Author

Kindle Fire Owner's Manual

Steve Weber Author

A History of Video Games in...

World Video Game Hall of Fame Author

Digital Microscopy

Greenfield Sluder Other
David E. Wolf Other

Video Blogging

George Pain Author

Video Games

Build It Yourself (Series)

Kathy Ceceri Author
Mike Crosier Illustrator

On Video Games

Soraya Murray Author

Video Scribing

Jon Air Author
Eric Oakland Author

Growing Up Gamer

Clark Nielsen Author

The Art and Science of Game...

Philippe O'Connor Author

The Works of Fumito Ueda

Damien Mecheri Author

The Dream Architects

David Polfeldt Author

Personal Multimedia Preservation

Springer on Cultural Computing (Series)

Vasileios Mezaris Editor
Claudia Niederée Editor

The Micro Kids

Gary Plowman Author

Video Game Careers--Ultimate...

Video Game Careers (Series)

Hardy LeBel Author

Color Correction Handbook

Alexis Van Hurkman Author

Game Anim

Jonathan Cooper Author

Game Anim

Jonathan Cooper Author

Academic Press Library in...

Sergios Theodoridis Other
Rama Chellappa Other

Communicating Pictures

David R. Bull Author

Once Upon a Pixel

Eddie Paterson Author
Timothy Williams Author

Racing the Beam

Platform Studies (Series)

Nick Montfort Author
Ian Bogost Author

The Video Game Industry

Routledge Studies in Innovation, Organizations and Technology (Series)

Peter Zackariasson Editor
Timothy Wilson Editor

Video Sound Resources 8

Video Editing Tools (8) (Series)

Mobile Library Author

Internet Video Data Streaming

SpringerBriefs in Computer Science (Series)

Ye Tian Author
Min Zhao Author

Granular Video Computing

Debarati Bhunia Chakraborty Author
Sankar Kumar Pal Author

Video and Audio Analytics...

InnoCraft, Piwik Author

Digital Video Processing for...

Suhel Dhanani Author
Michael Parker Author

Video Marketing Excellence

David Brock Author

The Essential Guide to Video...

Alan C. Bovik Author

Advanced Video Coding

K.N. Ngan Author
T. Meier Author