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Internet Video Culture in China

Routledge Contemporary China (Series)

Marc L Moskowitz Author

Video Ethnography

David Redmon Author

Television News

Teresa Keller Author

Video Field Production and...

Ronald J. Compesi Author

Gaming and the Divine

Routledge New Critical Thinking in Religion, Theology and Biblical Studies (Series)

Frank G. Bosman Author

Optimal Audio and Video...

Vincent Verdult Author

The Discursive Power of Memes...

Routledge Studies in New Media and Cyberculture (Series)

Bradley E. Wiggins Author

Announcing for Broadcasting...

Carl Hausman Author
Philip G. Benoit Author

The Anthropology of Latin...

Harry Sanabria Author

Affect and Embodied Meaning...

Routledge Advances in Film Studies (Series)

Sylvie Bissonnette Author


Focus on World Music (Series)

André de Quadros Author

India Briefing, 1987

Marshall M. Bouton Editor

Cross-Cultural Explorations

Susan B. Goldstein Author

Integrating Technology into...

Jessica Stone Editor

Evolutionary Psychology

David M Buss Author

The Global 1980s

Decades in Global History (Series)

Jonathan Davis Author

The Internet Family

Katherine M. Hertlein Author
Markie L. C. Twist Author

Exploring Digital...

Routledge Research in Education (Series)

Rick L. Garner Editor

Screening Characters

AFI Film Readers (Series)

Johannes Riis Editor
Aaron Taylor Editor


Changing Mobilities (Series)

Peter Cox Author

Designing Effective Digital...

Joey R. Fanfarelli Author
Rudy McDaniel Author

Advertising Theory

Routledge Communication (Series)

Shelly Rodgers Editor
Esther Thorson Editor

Sound Design Theory and Practice

Leo Murray Author

The Focal Easy Guide to Final...

Rick Young Author

Analyzing Affective Societies

Routledge Studies in Affective Societies (Series)

Antje Kahl Editor

Expert Systems in Finance

Banking, Money and International Finance (Series)

Noura Metawa Editor
Mohamed Elhoseny Editor

The ID CaseBook

Peggy A. Ertmer Editor
James A. Quinn Editor

Tourism Management

Stephen J. Page Author

Practical Research Methods in...

Mike Lambert Editor

Family and Space

Routledge Studies in Family Sociology (Series)

Maya Halatcheva-Trapp Editor
Giulia Montanari Editor