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The Audience and Business of...

Lexington Studies in Communication and Storytelling (Series)

Louisa Ha Editor
Louisa Ha Contributor

Describing Music Materials

Richard P. Smiraglia Author
Jihee Beak Author

Student-Led Discussions

ASCD Arias (Series)

Sandi Novak Author

Video Games

Electronic Media Research (Series)

Nicholas David Bowman Editor

Games Girls Play

Studies in New Media (Series)

Carolyn M. Cunningham Author

History of Video Games

David Paris Author

Video Marketing for Libraries

Practical Guides for Librarians (Series)

Heather A. Dalal Author
Robin O'Hanlon Author

Teaching the Video Production...

David Howard Author
Amy Hunter Author

Storytelling in Video Games

Studies in Gaming (Series)

Amy M. Green Author
Matthew Wilhelm Kapell Editor

Sex, Brains, and Video Games

Jennifer Burek Pierce Author

From Video Games to Real Life

Mary L. Glendening Author

On-Camera Coach

Wiley and SAS Business (Series)

Karin M. Reed Author

Creating a Streaming Video...

Cheryl J. Duncan Author
Erika Day Peterson Author

Communicating Science and...

Routledge Focus on Communication Studies (Series)

Bienvenido León Editor
Michael Bourk Editor

Streaming Video Resources for...

Library Technology Reports (Series)

Julie A. DeCesare Author

Basic Mandarin...

Cornelius C. Kubler Author

Teaching Disciplinary Literacy

Charles W. Peters Author
Deanna Birdyshaw Author