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Star Wars and History

Nancy Reagin Other
Janice Liedl Other

Reagan's Star Wars

Military and Government Stories (Series)

Walter Parks Author

The Star Wars Enigma

Nigel Hey Author

Media and the Cold War in the...

Palgrave Studies in the History of the Media (Series)

Henrik G. Bastiansen Editor
Martin Klimke Editor


Phillip Warner Author

The Secret History of Star Wars

Mark Kaminski Author
Josh Robert Thompson Narrator

A Brief Guide to Star Wars

Brian J. Robb Author

Way Out There In the Blue

Frances FitzGerald Author

Strategy Strikes Back

Max Brooks Editor
John Amble Editor

Glittering Images

Camille Paglia Author

The Strategic Defense...

Progressive Management Author

The Fate of Texas

The Civil War in the West (Series)

Charles D. Grear Editor

Taking Flight

Michaela DePrince Author
Elaine Deprince Author

Lone Star Defenders in the...

Samuel B. Barron Author

General Jacob Devers

John A. Adams Author

War! Hellish War! Star Shell...

Jim Maultsaid Author
Barbara McClune Editor

Our Sons Our Heroes

Linda Jenkin Costanzo Author

American Hero

Richard L. Jackson Author of introduction, etc.
Nelson W. Aldrich Jr. Author

The Admirals

Walter R. Borneman Author

The Admirals

Walter R. Borneman Author
Brian Troxell Narrator

Black Stars of Civil War Times

Black Stars (Series)

Jim Haskins Other

K Blows Top

Peter Carlson Author
Malcolm Hillgartner Narrator

K Blows Top

Peter Carlson Author

That Knock at the Door

Holly S. Fenelon Author

May the Armed Forces Be with You

Stephen Dedman Author

American Military History

Wesley K. Clark Author
Wesley K. Clark Narrator

Alan Moorehead

Tom Pocock Author

Daniel "Chappie" James

Earnest N. Bracey Author

The North Star State

Anne J. Aby Editor
Paul Gruchow Author of introduction, etc.

A Time for War

Ronald B. Wheatley Author
Rosemary Benson Narrator

Counsels of War

Gregg Herken Author

Texans and War

Centennial Series of the Association of Former Students (Series)

Alexander Mendoza Editor
Charles David Grear Editor

Popular Culture and the...

Politics, Literature, & Film (Series)

George A. Gonzalez Author

American Heritage History of...

Robert M. Utley Author
Wilcomb E. Washburn Author

Places and Names

Elliot Ackerman Author
Elliot Ackerman Narrator

Legendary Locals of Carlsbad

Legendary Locals (Series)

Donna Blake Birchell Author

Brothers Across the Ocean

Lestyn Adams Author

Veterans of Future Wars

Donald W. Whisenhunt Author

Wellington's Guns

Nick Lipscombe Author

Wigwam Evenings

Dover Children's Classics (Series)

Charles A Eastman Author
Elaine Goodale Eastman Author

Civil War Commando

Jerome Preisler Author

Bradley--A Biography

Great Generals (Series)

Alan Axelrod Author
Wesley K. Clark Author of introduction, etc.

The Brief History of Lancashire

Stephen Duxbury Author

The Line Upon a Wind

Noel Mostert Author