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The Military Science of Star...

George Beahm Author

Reagan's Star Wars

Military and Government Stories (Series)

Walter Parks Author


Phillip Warner Author

Strategy Strikes Back

Max Brooks Editor
John Amble Editor

The Strategic Defense...

Progressive Management Author

Pacific Star

Reg Newell Author

Star Shell Reflections 1916

Barbara McClune Author

White Eagle, Red Star

Norman Davies Author

War Letters of Edmond Genet

Edmond Charles Clinton Genet Author
Grace Ellery Channing Author of introduction, etc.

Duel Under the Stars

Wilhelm Johnen Author

Lone Star Defenders in the...

Samuel B. Barron Author

General Jacob Devers

John A. Adams Author

Red Star Under the Baltic

Viktor Korzh Author

Morning Star, Midnight Sun

Jeffrey Cox Author

War! Hellish War! Star Shell...

Jim Maultsaid Author
Barbara McClune Editor

F-80 Shooting Star Units of...

Combat Aircraft (Series)

Warren Thompson Author
Jim Laurier Illustrator

Our Sons Our Heroes

Linda Jenkin Costanzo Author

American Hero

Richard L. Jackson Author of introduction, etc.
Nelson W. Aldrich Jr. Author

Full Duty

Thomas S. Fiske Author

The Admirals

Walter R. Borneman Author