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Texas Rising

Stephen L. Moore Author

The Trident

Jason Redman Author
John Bruning Author


John Man Author

American Spartan

Ann Scott Tyson Author

82 Days on Okinawa

Art Shaw Author
Robert L. Wise Author

Songs Sung Red, White, and Blue

Ace Collins Author

The Polar Bear Expedition

James Carl Nelson Author

The Great Rescue

Peter Hernon Author


Walter R. Borneman Author

The Great Gamble

Gregory Feifer Author

All American

Robert McGovern Author

The Girl From Kathmandu

Cam Simpson Author

Sacred Duty

Tom Cotton Author

Every Man a Hero

Ray Lambert Author
Jim DeFelice Author

Delta Force

Charlie A. Beckwith Author
Donald Knox Author

Supreme Commander

Seymour Morris, Jr. Author

Eve of a Hundred Midnights

Bill Lascher Author

Drone Warrior

Brett Velicovich Author
Christopher S. Stewart Author


Dillard Johnson Author
James Tarr Author

Clever Girl

Lauren Kessler Author