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Star Trek: Khan

Mike Johnson Author

Star Trek, Volume 7

Star Trek (2011) (Series)

Mike Johnson Author

Star Trek Archives, Volume 3

Star Trek Archives (2008) (Series)

Howard Weinstein Author
Han Friedman Author

Star Trek: Best of Klingons

Star Trek (1984) (Series)

Scott Tipton Author
David Tipton Author

Civil War Commando

Jerome Preisler Author

Retirement 101

Adams 101 (Series)

Michele Cagan Author

Necessary Noise

Star Parker Author
Richard Manning Author


Lupita Nyong'o Author
Vashti Harrison Illustrator

The Ultimate RPG Gameplay Guide

The Ultimate RPG Guide (Series)

James D'Amato Author

Escape from Paris

Stephen Harding Author


HALO (Series)

Troy Denning Author

Dancing Hands

Margarita Engle Author
Rafael López Illustrator

Who Knew? Women in History

Who Knew? (Series)

Sarah Herman Author

The Antares Maelstrom

Star Trek: the Original (Series)

Greg Cox Author

The Enterprise War

Star Trek: Discovery (Series)

John Jackson Miller Author

Viking Conspiracy

Viking Academy (Series)

S.T. Bende Author

Bayesian Statistics the Fun Way

Will Kurt Author

The New Girl

Gabriel Allon (Series)

Daniel Silva Author

This Is How You Lose the Time...

Amal El-Mohtar Author
Max Gladstone Author

File Zero

An Agent Zero Spy Thriller (Series)

Book 5

Jack Mars Author

The Boy and Girl Who Broke...

Amy Reed Author

The Lost Journals: An...

Minecraft (Series)

Mur Lafferty Author


Mark Waid Author
Brian Augustyn Author

Minions Little Golden Book

Little Golden (Series)

Rachel Chlebowski Author
Alan Batson Illustrator


Chuck Wendig Author

Pan's Labyrinth

Guillermo Del Toro Author
Allen Williams Illustrator

Marah Chase and the Conqueror...

Jay Stringer Author

Starships, Speeders & Space...

Little Golden (Series)

Golden Books Author
Golden Books Illustrator

The Echo Park Castaways

M. G. Hennessey Author

Make My Day

J. Hoberman Author

The Angry Birds Movie 2

Angry Birds Movie 2 (Series)

Heather Nuhfer Author

I Am Simba (Disney the Lion...

Little Golden (Series)

John Sazaklis Author
Alan Batson Illustrator

Hawke's Target

Sonny Hawke Thriller (Series)

Reavis Z. Wortham Author


Slash and Pecos Western (Series)

William W. Johnstone Author
J.A. Johnstone Author

F-80 Shooting Star Units of...

Combat Aircraft (Series)

Warren Thompson Author
Jim Laurier Illustrator

Westwick Witches Magical...

Westwick Witches (Series)

Colleen Cross Author

My Teacher is a Robot

Jeffrey Brown Author

Dressed in Dreams

Tanisha C. Ford Author

Once Upon a Bad Boy--A...

Sometimes in Love (Series)

Book 3

Melonie Johnson Author

Star Path

North America's Forgotten Past (Series)

W. Michael Gear Author
Kathleen O'Neal Gear Author

The Hunt for the North Star

The War of 1812 Epics (Series)

A.J. MacKenzie Author

Stranger Things

Adam Christopher Author

The Trouble With You

Rixon Raiders (Series)

L. A. Cotton Author

Moon North Carolina Coast

Moon Travel Guide (Series)

Jason Frye Author

Spiritual Rebel

Sarah Bowen Author


Vasily Grossman Author
Robert Chandler Translator

Alphabet Squadron (Star Wars)

Star Wars (Series)

Alexander Freed Author

Songs of America

Jon Meacham Author
Tim McGraw Author