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Confessions of a Compact...

Rick Sammon Author

Introduction to Literary...

Editors of Salem Press Editor

Nikon D7500 For Dummies

Julie Adair King Author

Rick Sammon's HDR Secrets for...

Rick Sammon Author

Hold on to the Sun

Michal Govrin Author
Judith G. Miller Editor


Ken Silverstein Author

Platonic Noise

J. Peter Euben Author

Democracy's Literature

Patrick J. Deneen Editor
Joseph Romance Editor

The Twilight of the Middle Class

Andrew Hoberek Author

Understanding Don DeLillo

Henry Veggian Author
Linda Wagner-Martin Other

Fantasies of the New Class

Stephen Schryer Author

The Future Belongs to Crowds

Jan Riepe Author

George Lucas' "THX1138" and...

Bjoern Schubert Author

Beyond Words

Wendy Harding Author
Jacky Martin Author

Programmer's Guide to NCurses

Dan Gookin Author

Satire in DeLillo's "White...

patricia Schneider Author

Posthuman Suffering and the...

Anthony Miccoli Author

Ecocritical Theology

Joan Anderson Ashford Author

Desire and Disillusionment

Modern American Literature (Series)

Book 1890

Lawrence E. Hussman Author

The Twentieth-Century...

Wiley Blackwell Literature Hand (Series)

Christopher MacGowan Author