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Trump's World

Nabil Fahmy Author of introduction, etc.

Saint Theresa

Bahaa Abdelmegid Author
Chip Rossetti Translator


M.M. Tawfik Author
The Author Translator

Private Pleasures

Hamdy el-Gazzar Author
Humphrey Davies Translator

So You May See

Mona Prince Author
Raphael Cohen Translator

Earth Weeps, Saturn Laughs

Abdulaziz Al Farsi Author
Nancy Roberts Translator

Birds of Amber

Ibrahim Abdel Meguid Author
Farouk Abdel Wahab Translator

Black Magic

Hamdy el-Gazzar Author
Humphrey Davies Translator

Papa Sartre

Ali Bader Author
Aida Bamia Translator

The Final Bet

Abdelilah Hamdouchi Author
Jonathan Smolin Translator

Of Sea and Sand

Denyse Woods Author