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John Steinbeck and His...

Stephen K. George Editor
Barbara A. Heavilin Editor

Weak Nationalisms

Douglas Dowland Author

Of Mule and Man

Mike Farrell Author

John Steinbeck

Keith Ferrell Author

American Experience the...

Gdansk Transatlantic Studies In British and North American Culture (Series)

Andrzej Ceynowa Editor
Marek Wilczynski Editor

Vanishing America

James Conaway Author

Explore with Sir Walter Raleigh

Travel with the Great Explorers (Series)

Ruth Daly Author

Breakfast at the Exit Cafe

Wayne Grady Author
Merilyn Simonds Author

A John Steinbeck Reader

Barbara A. Heavilin Editor

A Russian Paints America

Pavel P. Svin'in Author
Marina Swoboda Author

John Lloyd Stephens and...

Peter O. Koch Author

The Motorcycle Diaries

Ernesto Che Guevara Author
Aleida Guevara Other

Llama for Lunch

Lydia Laube Author

Building Strong Nonprofits

John Olberding Author
Lisa Barnwell Williams Author

Citizen Steinbeck

Contemporary American Literature (Series)

Robert McParland Author

Delicious Geography

Gary Fuller Author
T. M. Reddekopp Author

The Ambitions of Jane Franklin

Alison Alexander Author

Roadshow: Landscape with Drums

Neil Peart Author

Dishing It Out

Robert Appelbaum Author

Tasting the Past

Kevin Begos Author

Spooked in Seattle

America's Haunted Road Trip (Series)

Ross Allison Author

The Grapes of Wrath

Novel Study Guides (Series)

Gideon Jagged Author
John Steinbeck Author

Touch and Go

Thad Nodine Author

Jacques Cartier

Explorers Set 1 (Series)

Kristin Petrie Author

Howard Frank Mosher and the...

James Robert Saunders Author

In The Heart Of The Rockies

G. A. Henty Author

North America

Social Studies (Series)

Irene Evagelelis Author
David McAleese Author

Governments of North America...

Social Studies (Series)

Brenda Rollins Author

A Notorious Woman

Elizabeth J. Clapp Author

We, the Children of Cats

Found in Translation (Series)

Tomoyuki Hoshino Author

The Reddening Path

Amanda Hale Author

In Search of Legitimacy

Dance and Performance Studies (Series)

Lauren Miller Griffith Author

Text, Lies and Cataloging

Jana Brubaker Author

Low Cost Carriers--Business...

Veronika Minkova Author

Customs and Border Protection

Defending Our Nation (Series)

Michael Kerrigan Author

Explorers and Their Quest for...

Philip J Potter Author

Hell is for Real

Gary Frazier Author

American Buffalo

Steven Rinella Author

The American

Henry James Author

Cruisin' the Fossil Coastline

Kirk R. Johnson Author
Ray Troll Author

Native to Nowhere

Timothy Beatley Author

Bread, Butter, and Sugar

Martin Schiller Author

The Lost Canyon of Gold

W. C. Jameson Author

The Polish Boxer

Eduardo Halfon Author
Anne McLean Translator

The Oregon Trail

Build It Yourself (Series)

Karen Bush Gibson Author
Tom Casteel Illustrator

World Right Side Up

Agora (Series)

Christopher W. Mayer Author


Friedrich Gerst├Ącker Author
Peter Monteath Editor

In Search of Polin

Washington College Studies In Religion, Politics, and Culture (Series)

Gary S. Schiff Author