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Travels with Charley

John Steinbeck Author
Gary Sinise Narrator

The Pastures of Heaven

John Steinbeck Author
Sean Runnette Narrator

Free Air

Sinclair Lewis Author
Barrett Whitener Narrator

The Grapes of Wrath

John Steinbeck Author
Dylan Baker Narrator

Tantric Coconuts

Greg Kincaid Author
Adam Verner Narrator

Rabbit Ears American Tall...

Nicolas Cage Author
Jonathan Winters Narrator

The Yage Letters

William S. Burroughs Author
Allen Ginsberg Author

Extricating Young Gussie

P. G. Wodehouse Author
David Ian Davies Narrator

The Girl in the Polka Dot Dress

Beryl Bainbridge Author
Timothy West Narrator

The Yage Letters Redux

William S. Burroughs Author
Allen Ginsberg Author


Michael Wood Author
John Telfer Narrator

The Polish Boxer

Eduardo Halfon Author
Daniel Hahn Translator

We Need New Names

NoViolet Bulawayo Author

Strength in What Remains

Tracy Kidder Author
Tracy Kidder Narrator

A House in the Sky

Amanda Lindhout Author and narrator
Sara Corbitt Author

Kill 'Em and Leave

James McBride Author
Dominic Hoffman Narrator

The Case of the Murdered...

Daisy Dalrymple Series

Book 10

Carola Dunn Author
Lucy Rayner Narrator

A Fine Mess

T. R. Reid Author
T.R. Reid Narrator

Doctor Sleep

Shining Series

Book 2

Stephen King Author
Will Patton Narrator

American Story

Bob Dotson Author


Scot Harvath Series

Book 4

Brad Thor Author
George Guidall Narrator

We Are Not Such Things

Justine van der Leun Author
Erin Bennett Narrator

The Ice Bucket Challenge

Casey Sherman Author
Dave Wedge Author

The Geography of Bliss

Eric Weiner Author
Eric Weiner Narrator

The Prince of Beverly Hills

Rick Barron Series

Book 1

Stuart Woods Author
Stephen Hoye Narrator

Boston Strong

Casey Sherman Author
Dave Wedge Author

Born to Run

Christopher McDougall Author
Fred Sanders Narrator

The Lost Book of Mormon

Avi Steinberg Author
P.J. Ochlan Narrator


Steph Jagger Author
Andi Arndt Narrator

Murder In Matera

Helene Stapinski Author
Helene Stapinski Narrator