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Last Call Book Nine

Angela White Author

After the End--Stories of...

Cora Buhlert Author

The Immortal Gene

Jonas Saul Author

The Transmigration of Timothy...

Valis (Series)

Book 3

Philip K. Dick Author

The Stainless Steel Rat Returns

Stainless Steel Rat (Series)

Book 12

Harry Harrison Author

The Long Road

New World (Series)

Book 2

G. Michael Hopf Author


Tonya Cannariato Author

The Steps of the Sun

Walter Tevis Author

After the Dark

Dark Angel (Series)

Book 3

Max Allan Collins Author

Free Live Free

Gene Wolfe Author


Steve Toutonghi Author

Falling Sky

Ben Gold (Series)

Rajan Khanna Author

The Wanderers

Meg Howrey Author


Resilient (Series)

Patricia Vanasse Author
David M. F. Powers Other

The Goblin Reservation

Clifford D. Simak Author

Ghost Spin

The Spin Trilogy (Series)

Chris Moriarty Author

Forward the Foundation

Foundation (Series)

Book 2

Isaac Asimov Author

The Planet Urth Series 3-Book...

Planet Urth (Series)

Jennifer Martucci Author
Christopher Martucci Author

Second Foundation

Foundation (Series)

Book 5

Isaac Asimov Author