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Securities Fraud

Wiley Finance (Series)

Louis L. Straney Author

Research Methods in Sign...

GMLZ--Guides to Research Methods in Language and Linguistics (Series)

Eleni Orfanidou Author
Bencie Woll Author

Academic Advising Approaches

Jayne K. Drake Editor
Peggy Jordan Editor

Betting on China

Robert W. Koepp Author

Mission Impact

The AFP/Wiley Fund Development (Series)

Robert M. Sheehan, Jr. Author

Leadership and Governance...

Robert Gandossy Editor
Jeffrey Sonnenfeld Editor

Creative Breakthroughs in...

Jeffrey A. Kottler Author
Jon Carlson Author

30 Rock and Philosophy

The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture (Series)

William Irwin Author

Handbook of Personality...

Jeffrey J. Magnavita Editor

Laboratory Safety for...

Robert H. Hill Author
David C. Finster Author

I Didn't See It Coming

Nancy C. Widmann Author
Elaine J. Eisenman Author

The Peebles Principles

R. Donahue Peebles Author
J. P. Faber Author

Immigrant, Inc.

Richard T. Herman Author
Robert L. Smith Author

A Companion to Charles Dickens

Blackwell Companions to Literature and Culture (Series)

David Paroissien Editor

The Aftershock Investor

David Wiedemer Author
Robert A. Wiedemer Author

Safely Prosperous or Really Rich

Howard Ruff Author
Robert G. Allen Author of introduction, etc.

A Companion to Food in the...

Blackwell Companions to the Ancient World (Series)

John Wilkins Editor
Robin Nadeau Editor

Immunotherapy in Transplantation

Bruce Kaplan Editor
Gilbert J. Burkhart Editor

Keywords in Subversive Film /...

Robert Stam Author
Richard Porton Author

Veronica Mars and Philosophy

The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture (Series)

George A. Dunn Editor
William Irwin Other

Battlestar Galactica and...

The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture (Series)

Jason T. Eberl Editor

Shake That Brain

Joel Saltzman Author

Textbook of Uncommon Cancer

Derek Raghavan Author
Charles D. Blanke Author

Restoring Financial Stability

Wiley Finance (Series)

Viral V. Acharya Editor
Matthew P. Richardson Editor

Ownership and Value Creation

Rolf H. Carlsson Author

Westworld and Philosophy

The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture (Series)

William Irwin Other
James B. South Editor

The Art of Strategic Leadership

Steven J. Stowell Author
Stephanie S. Mead Author

Professional Java Tools for...

Richard Hightower Author
Warner Onstine Author

The Millionaire Code

Paul B. Farrell Author

Regulating Wall Street

Wiley Finance (Series)

Viral V. Acharya Editor
Thomas F. Cooley Editor

Heroes and Villains of Finance

Adam Baldwin Author

Staphylococci in Human Disease

Kent B. Crossley Editor
Kimberly K. Jefferson Editor

The CME Group Risk Management...

Wiley Finance (Series)

CME Group Author
John W. Labuszewski Author

The I of Leadership

Nigel Nicholson Author

The 2010 Pfeiffer Annual

J-B Pfeiffer Annual Looseleaf Vol2 (Series)

Elaine Biech Editor

Imaging Marine Life

Emmanuel G. Reynaud Editor

Handbook of Child Psychology...

Volume 1 (Series)

Richard M. Lerner Other
Willis F. Overton Other

Managing Applied Social Research

Research Methods for the Social Sciences (Series)

Darlene F. Russ-Eft Editor
Catherine M. Sleezer Editor

Human Resources Kit For Dummies

Max Messmer Author

WHOIS Running the Internet

Garth O. Bruen Author

Head, Face, and Neck Pain...

Noshir Mehta Editor
George E. Maloney Editor