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Chronicles from the Field

The MIT Press (Series)

Robert M. Townsend Author
Sombat Sakunthasathien Author

The Devil We Know

Robert Baer Author

The International Civil Service

Norman A. Graham Editor
Robert S. Jordan Editor

An Unsung Soldier

Robert Jordan Author

Robert Hayden

Under Discussion (Series)

Laurence Goldstein Editor
Robert Chrisman Editor

Urban Spaces

James Jennings Editor
Julia S. Jordan-Zachery Editor

Is America Safe?

Don Philpott Author
Robert T. Jordan Author

God In the Stadium

Robert J. Higgs Author

Political Economy and Global...

Robert Albritton Editor
Bob Jessop Editor

The Hashemites -The Dream of...

Makers of the Modern World (Series)

Robert McNamara Author

Iraq through a Bullet Hole

Issam Jameel Author

Corruption, Global Security,...

Robert I. Rotberg Editor

No Sense Of Decency

Robert Shogan Author

The Strong Eye of Shamanism

Robert E. Ryan Author

The Art of Cosmic Vision

Mantak Chia Author
Robert T. Lewanski Author

Murder's Mouthpiece

Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective (Series)

Robert Leslie Bellem Author

Strange Case of Dr Jekyll...

Pulp! the Classics (Series)

Robert Stevenson Author

Youth Prolonged: Old Age...

Robert Weale Author

The American Vision of Robert...

William Bedford Clark Author

Cataract Surgery

Uday Devgan Author
Robert K. Maloney Author

Good People

Robert Lopez Author

Under Siege

Robert J. Young Editor

French Defeat of 1940

Joel Blatt Editor

Life without Glasses

Robert Maloney Author

Ethics and International...

Terrence C. Mason Editor
Robert J. Helfenbein Editor

The Padova Pearls

Dinner at 8 (Series)

Lee Wilkinson Author

American Ethnographic Film...

Scott Macdonald Author

Merchant of Words

Terry Fred Horowitz Author

The Origins of Air War

Robert F. Grattan Author

The Ultimate Dinosaur

Robert Silverberg Editor

Roger Nash Baldwin and the...

Columbia Studies in Contemporary American History (Series)

Robert Cottrell Author

Research Methods in Sign...

GMLZ--Guides to Research Methods in Language and Linguistics (Series)

Eleni Orfanidou Author
Bencie Woll Author


Robert Morgan Author
Billy Graham Author

The Leadership Ellipse

Robert A. Fryling Author
Eugene H. Peterson Author of introduction, etc.

Securities Fraud

Wiley Finance (Series)

Louis L. Straney Author

In an Uncertain World

Robert Rubin Author
Jacob Weisberg Author

What They Don't Tell You...

What They Don't Tell You About… (Series)

Robert Fowke Author


Robert W. Chambers Author

Darkest Hours

Jay Robert Nash Author

Cracking the Sales Management...

Jason Jordan Author
Michelle Vazzana Author

Perspectives on Artistic...

Robert Burke Editor
Andrys Onsman Editor

In the House of Muhammad Ali

Hassan Hassan Author
Elizabeth and Robert Fernea Other

Pro Basketball's All-Time All...

Robert W. Cohen Author

Saving Lake Winnipeg

Robert William Sandford Author

Happiness from the Inside Out

Robert Mack Author

Dig that Crazy Grave

Shell Scott (Series)

Book 20

Richard S. Prather Author

One-Click Buy: July 2010...

Penny Jordan Author
Annie West Author

Academic Advising Approaches

Jayne K. Drake Editor
Peggy Jordan Editor