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The Devil We Know

Robert Baer Author

The New Dealers

Jordan A. Schwarz Author

Rise of ISIS

Jay Sekulow Author
Jordan Sekulow Author

The Nuclear Terrorist

Robert Gleason Author

A Religion of Peace?

Robert Spencer Author

The Assassination of New York

Forbidden Bookshelf (Series)

Book 8

Robert Fitch Author
Mark Crispin Miller Editor

Race, Nation, and Empire in...

James T. Campbell Editor
Matthew Pratt Guterl Editor

In an Uncertain World

Robert Rubin Author
Jacob Weisberg Author

Morgan Tsvangirai

Morgan Tsvangirai Author
T William Bango Editor

Stealth of Nations

Robert Neuwirth Author

Means of Ascent

The Years of Lyndon Johnson (Series)

Robert A. Caro Author

Sleeping with the Devil

Robert Baer Author


Robert K. Massie Author

The Second World

Parag Khanna Author


The Editors of Salon.com Compiler
David Talbot Author of introduction, etc.

The Only Language They...

Nathan Thrall Author

JFK Has Been Shot

Charles A. Crenshaw M.D. Author
Jens Hansen Author

Standing Our Ground

Lucia Kay McBath Author
Rosemarie Robotham Author

American Legacy

C. David Heymann Author

The Center

Stewart Alsop Author

Living Terrors

Michael T. Osterholm, Ph.D., M.P.H. Author
John Schwartz Author

State vs. Defense

Stephen Glain Author

Champagne and Meatballs

Working Canadians: Books from the CCLH (Series)

Bert Whyte Author
Larry Hannant Editor

Messing with the Enemy

Clint Watts Author

The Long Emergency

James Howard Kunstler Author

Command and Control

Eric Schlosser Author

The Hoffa Wars

Forbidden Bookshelf (Series)

Book 12

Dan E. Moldea Author
Mark Crispin Miller Editor

Shifting Sands

Joel S. Migdal Author

I Am Always With You

Philip Temple Author


Jonathan Allen Author
Amie Parnes Author