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The American Vision of Robert...

William Bedford Clark Author

The Shamanic Odyssey

Robert Tindall Author
Susana Bustos Author

The H.D. Book

The Collected Writings of Robert Duncan (Series)

Robert Duncan Author
Michael Boughn Editor

Hard Lines

Daniel Cross Turner Editor
William Wright Editor

Here Be Dragons

Stefan Ekman Author

A Companion to Charles Dickens

Blackwell Companions to Literature and Culture (Series)

David Paroissien Editor

Critical Insights: Cultural...

Critical Insights (Series)

Nicholas Birns Author

The Triumph of the Thriller

Patrick Anderson Author

A Companion to Food in the...

Blackwell Companions to the Ancient World (Series)

John Wilkins Editor
Robin Nadeau Editor

American Haiku

Toru Kiuchi Editor
Randy Brooks Contributor

American Literature

C. L. Khatri Author

The Poetics of Genre in the...

Tim Lanzendörfer Author
Martina Allen Contributor

Southern Sin

Lee Gutkind Editor
Beth Ann Fennelly Editor

F.B. Eyes

William J. Maxwell Author