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The Devil We Know

Robert Baer Author

An Unsung Soldier

Robert Jordan Author

Robert A. Lovett and the...

David M. Jordan Author

The Mad Potter

Jan Greenberg Author
Sandra Jordan Author

The New Dealers

Jordan A. Schwarz Author

The Hashemites -The Dream of...

Makers of the Modern World (Series)

Robert McNamara Author

Iraq through a Bullet Hole

Issam Jameel Author

Transformational Imagemaking

Robert Hirsch Author

Spies and Commissars

Robert Service Author

Operation Barbarossa 1941

Robert Kirchubel Author
Peter Dennis Illustrator

No Sense Of Decency

Robert Shogan Author

Panzer Ace

Richard Freiherr von Rosen Author
Robert Forczyk Author of introduction, etc.

Imperial Echoes

Robert Giddings Author

London Made Us

Robert Elms Author

Shadow Shapes

Elizabeth Shepley Sergeant Author

Brothers, Rivals, Victors

Jonathan W. Jordan Author
William Hughes Narrator

Under Siege

Robert J. Young Editor

Gunship Pilot

Robert F. Hartley Author

Inside the Kingdom

Robert Lacey Author

Calling All Angels

Stephen Requa Author
Stephen Requa Author

The Shameless Diary of an...

Robert Dunn Author

French Defeat of 1940

Joel Blatt Editor

A History of Psychology

Robert B. Lawson Author
E. Doris Anderson Author

Spies and Commissars

Robert Service Author

The Origins of Air War

Robert F. Grattan Author

Trench Knives and Mustard Gas

C. A. Brannen Series

Hugh S. Thompson Author
Robert H. Ferrell Editor

Tanks on the Beaches

Williams-Ford Texas A&M University Military History Series

Robert M. Neiman Author
Kenneth W. Estes Author

The Lion's Gate

Steven Pressfield Author


Studies in the History of Civil Engineering (Series)

Donald C. Jackson Editor

Roger Nash Baldwin and the...

Columbia Studies in Contemporary American History (Series)

Robert Cottrell Author

What They Don't Tell You...

What They Don't Tell You About… (Series)

Robert Fowke Author

The Last Refuge

Gregory Johnsen Author

Days of Defiance

Vintage Civil War Library (Series)

Maury Klein Author

Respect Yourself

Robert Gordon Author

Race, Nation, and Empire in...

James T. Campbell Editor
Matthew Pratt Guterl Editor


Jay M. Smith Author
Mary Willingham Author

The Devil's Diary

Robert K. Wittman Author
David Kinney Author

President McKinley

Robert W. Merry Author

Curse of the Narrows

Laura M. Mac Donald Author


Edward S. Casey Author

French Gastronomy

Arts and Traditions of the Table: Perspectives on Culinary History (Series)

Jean-Robert Pitte Author
Jody Gladding Translator

The Worst Journey in the World

Apsley Cherry-Garrard Author

Sleeping with the Devil

Robert Baer Author

Drink the Bitter Root

Gary Geddes Author

The Hunting of Man

Andy Dougan Author

Drink the Bitter Root

Gary Geddes Author

Greatest Escapes of World War II

Col. Robert Barr Smith Author
Laurence J. Yadon Author