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Chronicles from the Field

The MIT Press (Series)

Robert M. Townsend Author
Sombat Sakunthasathien Author

Worker Safety Under Siege

Vernon Mogensen Author

Modern Manhood and the Boy...

Benjamin René Jordan Author

The New Dealers

Jordan A. Schwarz Author

Never Make the First Offer

Donald Dell Author
John Boswell Author

Light and Lens

Robert Hirsch Author

You Don't Have to Be a Shark

Robert Herjavec Author

Securities Fraud

Wiley Finance (Series)

Louis L. Straney Author

Dare to Prepare

Ronald M. Shapiro Author
Gregory Jordan Author

Organizational Dynamics and...

Robert W. Allen Author
Lyman W. Porter Author

The Assassination of New York

Forbidden Bookshelf (Series)

Book 8

Robert Fitch Author
Mark Crispin Miller Editor

Cracking the Sales Management...

Jason Jordan Author
Michelle Vazzana Author

In an Uncertain World

Robert Rubin Author
Jacob Weisberg Author

Guanxi (The Art of...

Robert Buderi Author
Gregory T. Huang Author

Stealth of Nations

Robert Neuwirth Author

Mission Impact

The AFP/Wiley Fund Development (Series)

Robert M. Sheehan, Jr. Author

Public Financial Management...

Robert P. Beschel, Jr. Author
Mark Ahern Author

Handbook of Organizational...

Eric H. Kessler Author
James R. Bailey Author

Betting on China

Robert W. Koepp Author

Public Economics in the...

Steven Payson Editor


Robert Slater Author

Leadership and Governance...

Robert Gandossy Editor
Jeffrey Sonnenfeld Editor

The Global Human Resource...

Global HRM (Series)

Liza Castro Christiansen Editor
Michal Biron Editor

Tourism in the Arab World

Aspects of Tourism (Series)

Hamed Almuhrzi Editor
Hafidh Alriyami Editor

Economic Principles

David Warsh Author

I Didn't See It Coming

Nancy C. Widmann Author
Elaine J. Eisenman Author

The Peebles Principles

R. Donahue Peebles Author
J. P. Faber Author

Return on Influence

Mark Schaefer Author

Immigrant, Inc.

Richard T. Herman Author
Robert L. Smith Author

Social Marketing to Protect...

Doug McKenzie-Mohr Author
Nancy R. Lee Author

The Aftershock Investor

David Wiedemer Author
Robert A. Wiedemer Author

Strategic Supply Chain Alignment

John Gattorna Editor

Letters from Leaders

Henry Dormann Author

Safely Prosperous or Really Rich

Howard Ruff Author
Robert G. Allen Author of introduction, etc.

Champagne and Meatballs

Working Canadians: Books from the CCLH (Series)

Bert Whyte Author
Larry Hannant Editor

So You Want to Write?

R Frederick Riddle Author

The Virtue of Prosperity

Dinesh D'Souza Author

The Real Deal

Richard Desmond Author

Sir Thomas Lipton

James Mackay Author

Psychometrics in Coaching

Jonathan Passmore Editor

Shake That Brain

Joel Saltzman Author

Restoring Financial Stability

Wiley Finance (Series)

Viral V. Acharya Editor
Matthew P. Richardson Editor

Ownership and Value Creation

Rolf H. Carlsson Author

China's Guaranteed Bubble

Ning Zhu Author

Consulting for Business...

Chris Galea Editor

How They Blew It

Jamie Oliver Author
Tony Goodwin Author

Handbook of Implicit Social...

Bertram Gawronski Editor
B. Keith Payne Editor


Jean Strouse Author