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Eye Movements and...

Psychology Library Editions: Perception (Series)

Richard A. Monty Editor
John W. Senders Editor

Worker Safety Under Siege

Vernon Mogensen Author

Transformational Imagemaking

Robert Hirsch Author

The Ashgate Research...

Robert J. Pauly Author
Jr. Author

Foreign Policy

The Library of Essays in International Relations (Series)

Robert J. Lieber Editor

Light and Lens

Robert Hirsch Author

Feminist Organizations and...

Nelly P. Stromquist Author

Science and the Truthfulness...

Routledge Science and Religion (Series)

Robert Gilbert Author

A History of Psychology

Robert B. Lawson Author
E. Doris Anderson Author

Organizational Dynamics and...

Robert W. Allen Author
Lyman W. Porter Author


Studies in the History of Civil Engineering (Series)

Donald C. Jackson Editor

Techniques of Grief Therapy

in Death, Dying, and Bereavement (Series)

Robert A. Neimeyer Editor

Regulating Blockchain

Robert Herian Author

Popular Geopolitics and...

Routledge Research in Place, Space and Politics (Series)

Robert A. Saunders Author

Water and Post-Conflict...

Post-Conflict Peacebuilding and Natural Resource Management (Series)

Erika Weinthal Editor
Jessica J. Troell Editor

Museums without Borders

Robert R. Janes Author

The Routledge Companion to...

Routledge Companions (Series)

Bruce Baird Editor
Rosemary Candelario Editor


Media and Power (Series)

Matthew Robert Kerbel Author

Sociolinguistic Research

Robert Lawson Editor
Dave Sayers Editor

Grief and Bereavement in...

in Death, Dying, and Bereavement (Series)

Robert A. Neimeyer Editor
Darcy L. Harris Editor

Active Collections

Elizabeth Wood Editor
Rainey Tisdale Editor

Strangers to Themselves

Publications of the Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies (Series)

Book 1998

Dion C. Smythe Editor

Routledge Handbook of...

Routledge Studies in Ecosystem Services (Series)

Marion Potschin Editor
Roy Haines-Young Editor

The Middle East and the...

David W. Lesch Author

The Global Human Resource...

Global HRM (Series)

Liza Castro Christiansen Editor
Michal Biron Editor

Strategic Interests in the...

Jack Covarrubias Author
Tom Lansford Editor

Basic TV Technology

Robert L Hartwig Author

Visual Global Politics

Interventions (Series)

Roland Bleiker Editor

Handbook of Anthropology in...

Rita M Denny Editor
Patricia L Sunderland Editor

The Arab Spring

Mark L. Haas Author

What's the Point of...

Synne L. Dyvik Editor
Jan Selby Editor

State Responses to Minority...

Routledge Inform on Minority Religions and Spiritual Movements (Series)

David M. Kirkham Editor

The Pilgrims' Complaint

Catholic Christendom, 1300-1700 (Series)

Michael Bush Author

The Development of...

David J. Lewkowicz Editor
Robert Lickliter Editor

Volume 16, Tome II

Kierkegaard Research: Sources, Reception and Resources (Series)

Katalin Nun Author
Jon Stewart Author

Organizational Justice

Carolina Moliner Editor
Russell Cropanzano Editor

Strategic Supply Chain Alignment

John Gattorna Editor

Photography and Doubt

Sabine T. Kriebel Editor
Andrés Mario Zervigón Editor

Food Consumption in the City

Routledge Studies in Food, Society and the Environment (Series)

Marlyne Sahakian Editor
Czarina Saloma Editor

Practical Research with Children

Research Methods in Developmental Psychology: a Handbook (Series)

Jess Prior Editor
Jo Van Herwegen Editor

Global Sport Management

World Association for Sport Management (Series)

Brenda G. Pitts Editor
James J. Zhang Editor

Sharing the Front Line and...

Yael Danieli Author

Handbook of Research in...

Consultation, Supervision, and Professional Learning in School Psychology (Series)

William P Erchul Editor
Susan M Sheridan Editor

The Empirical Science of...

Mandy Robbins Editor
Leslie J. Francis Editor

The Framed World

New Directions in Tourism Analysis (Series)

David Picard Editor
Mike Robinson Editor

Spatial Modernities

Johannes Riquet Editor
Elizabeth Kollmann Editor

The Devil's Children

Jean La Fontaine Editor

Social Studies Today

Walter C. Parker Editor