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Ousmane Sembène Author

Faat Kine

Ousmane Sembene Director

Ousmane Sembene and the...

After the Empire: the Francophone World and Postcolonial France Series

Lifongo J. Vetinde Editor
Amadou T. Fofana Editor

Lire Sembene Ousmane

Albert Azeyeh Author

FILM-KONZEPTE 32--Ousmane...


Johannes Rosenstein Editor

Reading Communities

Oana Panaïté Editor

Contemporary Francophone...

Odile Cazenave Author
Patricia Célérier Author

Rethinking Third Cinema

Wimal Dissanayake Editor
Anthony Guneratne Editor

Shifting Perceptions of...

Mahriana Rofheart Author

From the Third Eye

Ed Halter Author
Barney Rosset Author

Postcolonial Automobility

Lindsey B. Green-Simms Author


Manfred Loimeier Author

Szene Afrika

Manfred Loimeier Author


Roxanna Nydia Curto Author

Images et mirages des...

Françoise Naudillon Author
Jean Ouédraogo Author


Jacqueline Harpman Author

Existentialism And...

Jean-Pierre Boulé Editor
Enda McCaffrey Editor

Like One of the Family

Fiona Mills Editor