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Summary of Pachinko by Min...

Paul Adams Author

Asian Education Miracles

Routledge on Schools and Schooling in Asia (Series)

Gregory Arief D. Liem Editor
Ser Hong Tan Editor

Korean Communication, Media,...

Kyu Ho Youm Editor
Nojin Kwak Editor

Summary of Pachinko

Conversation Starters (Series)

Paul Adams Author

Communication, Digital Media,...

Dal Yong Jin Editor
Nojin Kwak Editor

Miss Ex-Yugoslavia

Sofija Stefanovic Author

Korean Functional Foods

Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals (Series)

Kun-Young Park Editor
Dae Young Kwon Editor

Multimedia Image and Video...

Image Processing (Series)

Ling Guan Editor

The Korean Wave

Tae-Jin Yoon Editor
Dal Yong Jin Editor

Emerging Areas in Bioengineering

Advanced Biotechnology (Series)

Ho Nam Chang Editor
Sang Yup Lee Other

Handbook of Intelligent...

Gilson Khang Editor

Handbook of Solid-State...

in Optics and Optoelectronics (Series)

Zhe Chuan Feng Editor

Chinese American Literature...

King-kok Cheung Author

Min Jin Lee Interview

Professional Book Nerds Interviews (Series)

Professional Book Nerds Author
Min Jin Lee Author

Underwater Acoustics and...

Lisheng Zhou Editor
Wen Xu Editor

Morphological Analysis of...

KAIST Research (Series)

Ji-hyun Lee Editor

Chinese Science Education in...

Contemporary Trends and Issues in Science Education (Series)

Ling L. Liang Editor
Xiufeng Liu Editor

Contemporary Korean Political...

Global Encounters: Studies in Comparative Political Theory (Series)

Jung In Kang Editor
Jang Dong Jin Contributor

The Routledge Companion to...

Routledge Literature Companions (Series)

Rachel Lee Editor

Bioprocessing Technologies in...

Shang-Tian Yang Editor
Hesham El-Ensashy Editor

The Global and the Intimate

Gender and Culture (Series)

Geraldine Pratt Editor
Victoria Rosner Editor

Advances in Ceramic Matrix...

Ceramic Transactions (Series)

Narottam P. Bansal Editor
J. P. Singh Editor

Polymer Composites, Macro-...

Sabu Thomas Editor
Kuruvilla Joseph Editor

Medicinal Chemistry of...

Wiley in Drug Discovery and Development (Series)

Li-He Zhang Editor
Zhen Xi Editor

Nanoplatform-Based Molecular...

Xiaoyuan Chen Editor

Handbook of Asian Education

Yong Zhao Editor
Jing Lei Editor

Bioactive Components in Milk...

Young W. Park Editor

One Big Happy Family

Rebecca Walker Author