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Estimating for Building &...

John Williams Author
Spence gedes Author

Clinical Pain Management

Harald Breivik Author
Michael Nicholas Author

Browse's Introduction to the...

Norman Browse Editor
John Black Editor

Practical Graph Mining with R

Nagiza F. Samatova Editor
William Hendrix Editor

Kucers' the Use of Antibiotics

M. Lindsay Grayson Editor
Sara E. Cosgrove Editor

Atlas of Advanced Shoulder...

Andreas B. Imhoff Editor
Jonathan B. Ticker Editor

Laser-Based Optical Detection...

Devices, Circuits, and Systems (Series)

Paul M. Pellegrino Editor
Ellen L. Holthoff Editor

Medicine and Literature,...

John Salinsky Author

Fluid Mechanics and Heat...

William Roy Penney Editor
Edgar C. Clausen Editor

Income Generation in General...

Andrew A Sanderson Author

Chlorinated Dioxins and...

Christoffer Rappe Author

Contemporary High Performance...

Chapman & Hall/CRC Computational Science (Series)

Jeffrey S. Vetter Editor

Ecology and Management of...

William C. Pitt Editor
James Beasley Editor

High-Performance Liquid...

Colin T. Mant Editor
Robert S. Hodges Editor

Handbook of Australasian...

CRC Biogeography (Series)

Malte C. Ebach Editor

Handbook of Primate...

Steven J. Schapiro Editor

Additive Manufacturing Handbook

Systems Innovation Book (Series)

Adedeji B. Badiru Editor
Vhance V. Valencia Editor

Developing Research in...

Mike Saks Author
Martin Williams Author

Pediatric Asthma

Shirley J. Murphy Author
H. William Kelly Author

Genetics of Developmental...

Merlin Butler Editor
F. John Meaney Editor

Artificial Reefs

Frank M. D'itri Author

Practical Data Security

Routledge Revivals (Series)

John Gordon Editor

Sexuality and Disability

Elaine Cooper Author
John Guillebaud Author

Radiology Life Support (RAD-LS)

William Bush Jr Author

Proceedings of the 41st...

John M. Bell Author

Proceedings of the 43rd...

John M. Bell Author

Substance Misuse in Primary Care

Rosie Winyard Author

The Control Handbook

Electrical Engineering Hand (Series)

William S. Levine Editor

Phospholipids Handbook

Gregor Cevc Editor


Robert J Huggett Author

Hazardous and Industrial Wastes

0 Assaf-Anid Author

Medicine and Literature

John Salinsky Author

Proceedings of the 45th...

John W. Bell Author

Bailey & Love's Short...

Norman Williams Editor
P Ronan O'Connell Editor

Exascale Scientific Applications

Chapman & Hall/CRC Computational Science (Series)

Tjerk P. Straatsma Editor
Katerina B. Antypas Editor


Plastics Engineering (Series)

Malay Ghosh Author

MRCP Part 1 Self-Assessment

MasterPass (Series)

John D Firth Author
Mark Newman Author

Operative Oral and...

Rob & Smith's Operative Surgery (Series)

John D. Langdon Editor
Mohan F. Patel Editor

Microalgal Production for...

Stephen P. Slocombe Editor
John R. Benemann Editor

Signal Transduction and...

Methods in Signal Transduction (Series)

Mohamed Trebak Editor
Scott Earley Editor

Solar Energy Technology Handbook

E. W. Dickinson Author

Differential Equations

K.D. Elworthy Editor

Novel Therapeutic Agents for...

Vibeke Strand Author
David L. Scot Author

Handbook of Optoelectronics

in Optics and Optoelectronics (Series)

John P. Dakin Editor
Robert Brown Editor


Bishop Author

Beyond Belief

John L. Casti Author

Restoring Primary Care

Anton J Kuzel Author
John D Engel Author

Asphalt Science and Technology

Arthur Usmani Author