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Safe and Peaceful Schools

John Winslade Author
Michael Williams Author

From Conflict to Conciliation

William W. Purkey Editor
John J. Schmidt Editor

Visible Learning for...

Corwin Mathematics (Series)

John Hattie Author
Douglas Fisher Author

The SAGE Encyclopedia of...

Gus Martin Editor

Handbook of Professional...

William O'Donohue Editor
Kyle E. Ferguson Editor

Encyclopedia of the Fourth...

John R. Vile Editor
David L. Hudson Jr. Editor

Handbook of Families and Health

D. Russell Crane Editor
Elaine S. Marshall Editor

Black Families

Harriette Pipes McAdoo Editor

Handbook of Social Problems

George Ritzer Editor

Social Work Case Management

Michael J. Holosko Editor

Reframing Difference in...

Dennis K. Mumby Editor

Handbook of Applied...

The SAGE Program on Applied Developmental Science (Series)

Richard M. Lerner Editor
Francine Jacobs Editor

The Supreme Court Justices

Clare Cushman Editor

A Future for Religion?

SAGE Focus Editions (Series)

William H. Swatos, Jr. Editor


John C. Gonsiorek Editor
James D. Weinrich Editor

The Ghetto Underclass

William Julius Wilson Editor

Improving Care in the Nursing...

Laurence Z. Rubenstein Editor
Darryl Wieland Editor

The Advertising Business

John Philip Jones Author

Ohio Government and Politics

Paul Sracic Author
William Binning Author

Interpersonal Communication...

SAGE Focus Editions (Series)

Mary Lee Hummert Editor
John M. Wiemann Editor

Strategic Management

John A. Parnell Author

Development of Psychopathology

Benjamin L. Hankin Editor
John R.Z. Abela Editor

Sociology and the Public Agenda

American Sociological Association Presidential (Series)

William Julius Wilson Editor

Effective College and...

William Buskist Editor
Victor A. Benassi Editor

Personality Disorders

William O'Donohue Editor
Katherine A. Fowler Editor

Child Maltreatment

John E.B. Myers Editor

Analyzing Crime Patterns

Victor Goldsmith Author
Philip G. McGuire Author

Comparative Policing

M. R. Haberfeld Author
Ibrahim Cerrah Author

Religion in Aging and Health

SAGE Focus Editions (Series)

Jeffrey S. Levin Editor

American Educational History

William H. Jeynes Author

Communicating Prejudice

Michael L. Hecht Editor

How to Build Social Science...

Pamela J. Shoemaker Author
James William Tankard, Jr. Author

Culture, Psychotherapy, and...

Lisa Tsoi Hoshmand Author

Combating Terrorism

William C. Banks Author
Renée de Nevers Author

Handbook of Global Supply...

John T. Mentzer Author
Matthew B. Myers Author

Foundations of Community...

Bill Reader Editor
John A. Hatcher Editor

Experiencing Fieldwork

SAGE Focus Editions (Series)

William Shaffir Editor
Robert A. Stebbins Editor

Encyclopedia of Leadership

George R. Goethals Editor
Georgia J. Sorenson Editor

21st Century Sociology

Clifton D. Bryant Editor
Dennis L. Peck Editor

Leadership Games

Stephen S. Kaagan Author

Learning and Memory of...

Alice F. Healy Editor
Lyle E. Bourne Editor

Transforming School Mental...

Beth Doll Editor
Jack A. Cummings Editor

Rethinking Orphanages for the...

Richard B. McKenzie Editor

Long-Term Imprisonment

Timothy J. Flanagan Editor

Handbook of Collaborative...

A. B. Shani Editor
Susan Albers Mohrman Editor

The Challenge of Community...

Dennis P. Rosenbaum Editor

Handbook of Disability Studies

Gary L. Albrecht Editor
Katherine D. Seelman Editor

The Human Resources...

Jack E. Edwards Editor
John C. Scott Editor