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Roger Williams and the...

John M. Barry Author

Classic American Autobiographies

William L. Andrews Editor
William L. Andrews Author of introduction, etc.

O Albany!

William Kennedy Author

The Book of War

John Keegan Author

White Shoe

John Oller Author

Storm Over Leyte

John Prados Author

The Haunting of the Presidents

Joel Martin Author
William J. Birnes Author

American General

John S.D. Eisenhower Author

Five Came Back

Mark Harris Author

The Portable Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass Author
John Stauffer Editor

What If? II

Robert Cowley Editor

Fellow Citizens

Robert V. Remini Editor
Robert V. Remini Author of introduction, etc.

Voodoo Histories

David Aaronovitch Author

What Ifs? Of American History

Robert Cowley Editor

When the Astors Owned New York

Justin Kaplan Author

Against Slavery

Various Author
Mason Lowance Editor

My Fellow Soldiers

Andrew Carroll Author

What If?

Robert Cowley Editor

Beyond Shock and Awe

Eric L. Haney Author
Brian M. Thomsen Author

Martin Luther

Eric Metaxas Author

The Plantagenets

Dan Jones Author

Bunker Hill

Nathaniel Philbrick Author

The Religion of Democracy

Amy Kittelstrom Author

American Political Speeches

Terry Golway Editor
Terry Golway Author of introduction, etc.

Thomas Jefferson and the...

Brian Kilmeade Author
Don Yaeger Author