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Solar Power

Matthew Williams Other
John Deacon Other

Policing and Race in America

James D. Ward Editor
James D. Ward Contributor

Searching for a Universal Ethic

John Berkman Editor
William C. Mattison Editor

The Supreme Court

William H. Rehnquist Author
John Pruden Narrator

The Law of Consular Access

Routledge Research in International Law (Series)

John Quigley Author
William J. Aceves Author

Klein, Coffee and Partnoy's...

Concepts and Insights (Series)

William Klein Author
John Coffee Jr Author

The Microsoft Case

William H. Page Author
John E. Lopatka Author

Revisiting the Contracts...

International Studies in the Theory of Private Law (Series)

Jean Braucher Editor
John Kidwell Editor

Revisiting the Contracts...

International Studies in the Theory of Private Law (Series)

Jean Braucher Editor
John Kidwell Editor

Psychiatric Criminology

John A. Liebert, MD Author
William J. Birnes, JD, PhD Author

Patent Valuation

Wiley Finance (Series)

William J. Murphy Author
John L. Orcutt Author

30 Suspense and Thriller...

Marcel Allain Author
Grant Allen Author

Asperger Syndrome and Employment

John Biddulph Contributor
Vicky Bliss Contributor

50 Mystery and Detective...

Mark Twain Author
Agatha Christie Author

Occupational Safety and...

Melissa A. Bailey Author
Matthew C. Cooper Author

Environmental Law Handbook

Christopher Bell Author
F. William Brownell Author

Environmental Law Handbook

Christopher L. Bell Author
F. William Brownell Author

Summer for the Gods

Edward J. Larson Author

Ship Building, Sale and Finance

Maritime and Transport Law Library (Series)

Baris Soyer Editor
Andrew Tettenborn Editor

Like a Loaded Weapon

Indigenous Americas (Series)

Robert Williams Jr. Author

Secrets and Laws

Melanie Williams Editor

American Conservatism

NOMOS--American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy (Series)

Sanford V. Levinson Editor
Melissa S. Williams Editor


Scott Douglas Gerber Editor

The Path to and From the...

Kermit L. Hall Editor

Landmark Cases in Criminal Law

Landmark Cases (Series)

Philip Handler Editor
Henry Mares Editor

The UK Constitution after Miller

Mark Elliott Editor
Jack Williams Editor

Intention in Law and Philosophy

Routledge Revivals (Series)

Ngaire Naffine Author
Rosemary Owens Author

The Testament of William...

William Tyndale Author

Counter-Terrorism and Beyond

Routledge Research in Terrorism and the Law (Series)

Andrew Lynch Editor
Nicola McGarrity Editor

The Blackstone of Military Law

Joshua E. Kastenberg Author

Harvard Law Review

Harvard Law Review Author

Assassins' America

Jessica Gunderson Author
Joseph Jesse Tougas Author

The Cambridge Yearbook of...

Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies (Series)

John Bell Editor
Alan Dashwood Editor

Salt of the Earth, Conscience...

John M. Ferren Author

The Scopes Monkey Trial

Images of America (Series)

Randy Moore Author
William McComas Author

Regional Autonomy, Cultural...

Law, Development and Globalization (Series)

Roberto Toniatti Editor
Jens Woelk Editor

El individualismo democrático...

Laureata (Series)

Diego Antonio, Pineda Rivera Author

The Supreme Court in the...

William R. Casto Author
Herbert A. Johnson Other

Return to Guntown

John Hailman Author

In the Hands of the People

William L. Dwyer Author

Scholars of the Law

Richard A. Cosgrove Author

Attorney for the Damned

Clarence Darrow Author
Arthur Weinberg Editor

The Rehnquist Court and...

Christopher E. Smith Editor
Christina DeJong Editor

In the Hands of the People

William L. Dwyer Author

Biodiversity and the Law

Leesteffy Jenkins Author
Leesteffy Jenkins Contributor

The Wisest Council in the World

John R. Vile Author

Echo of Its Time

John R. Wunder Author
Mark R. Scherer Author

The Geography of Law

Oñati International in Law and Society (Series)

William Taylor Editor