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Sense of Place, Health and...

Geographies of Health (Series)

Allison Williams Author
John Eyles Editor

Contemporary Research in...

Contemporary Issues in Technology Education (Series)

P John Williams Editor
David Barlex Editor

Mineralogy of Arizona

John W. Anthony Author
Sidney A. Williams Author

Lake Restoration Handbook

David P. Hamilton Editor
Kevin J. Collier Editor

Environmental Flow Assessment

Advancing River Restoration and Management (Series)

John G. Williams Author
Peter B. Moyle Author

Modern Biocatalysis

Issn (Series)

Anne Zaparucha Contributor
Yasuhisa Asano Contributor

State Wildlife Management and...

Wildlife Management and Conservation (Series)

Thomas J. Ryder Editor
John F. Organ Author

From Neuron to Cognition via...

Computational Neuroscience (Series)

Michael A. Arbib Editor
James J. Bonaiuto Editor

Renewable Resources for...

Issn (Series)

Maya Thanou Contributor
Thomas Heinze Contributor


William John Cox Author

The Neurological Treatment...

John William Yee Author


John T. Cacioppo Author
William Patrick Author

Neural Models of Plasticity

John H. Byrne Editor
William O. Berry Editor

Fire Behavior of Upholstered...

John Krasny Author
William Parker Author

Biophysical Tools for Biologists

John J. Correia Editor
H. William Detrich, III Editor

Handbook of Natural Gas...

Saeid Mokhatab Author
William A. Poe Author

Science of Synthesis

Steve D.R. Christie Contributor
John P. Fackler Contributor

Prospects for Resilience

Eric W. Sanderson Author
William D. Solecki Author

Statistical Parametric Mapping

William D. Penny Editor
Karl J. Friston Editor

Industry Immersion Learning

Lisbeth Borbye Author
Michael Stocum Author

Giving a Damn

The MIT Press (Series)

Zed Adams Editor
Jacob Browning Editor


Sharon L. Spray Editor
Karen L. McGlothlin Editor

Gulf of Mexico: Origin,...

Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies (Series)

John W. Day Editor
Alejandro Yáñez-Arancibia Editor


Lars Werdelin Editor
H. G. McDonald Editor

International Wildlife...

Wildlife Management and Conservation (Series)

John L. Koprowski Editor
Paul R. Krausman Editor

Microbial Life of the Deep...

Life in Extreme Environments (Series)

Jens Kallmeyer Editor
Dirk Wagner Editor


Vienna in Theoretical Biology (Series)

Karl J. Niklas Editor
Stuart A. Newman Editor


Michael L. Morrison Editor
Amanda D. Rodewald Editor

Philosophy of Science

Joseph J. Kockelmans Editor

Fluid Mechanics and Heat...

William Roy Penney Editor
Edgar C. Clausen Editor

Trade-offs in Conservation

Conservation Science and Practice (Series)

Nigel Leader-Williams Editor
William M. Adams Editor

Romantic Ecocriticism

Ecocritical Theory and Practice (Series)

Dewey W. Hall Editor
James C. McKusick Author of introduction, etc.

Chronicling the Golden Age of...

Historical & Cultural Astronomy (Series)

Neil English Author

The Cutting Edge

Biology and Resource Management (Series)

Robert A. Fimbel Editor
Alejandro Grajal Editor

Principles of Toxicology

Stephen M. Roberts Author
Robert C. James Author

Space Shuttle NASA Mission...

Progressive Management Author

Ecology and Management of...

William C. Pitt Editor
James Beasley Editor

Video Game Creators

Awesome Minds (Series)

Alejandro Arbona Author
Chelsea O'Mara Illustrator

Handbook of Australasian...

CRC Biogeography (Series)

Malte C. Ebach Editor

Handbook of Primate...

Steven J. Schapiro Editor

The Horse in Australia

Fiona Carruthers Author

The Evolution of the Primate...

Developments in Primatology: Progress and Prospects (Series)

Tracy L. Kivell Editor
Pierre Lemelin Editor


Hugh Aldersey-Williams Author

Natural Products

Anne Osbourn Editor
Rebecca Goss Editor


Caroline Williams Author

Naturalists at Sea

Glyn Williams Author

Human Muscle Fatigue

Craig Williams Editor
Sébastien Ratel Editor