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Reductions in U.S. Domestic...

John Williams Ellwood Author

Roman Catholics and Shi'i...

James A. Bill Author
John Alden Williams Author

Global Citizenship

Nigel Dower Editor
John Williams Editor

Keynes, Beveridge and Beyond

Tony Cutler Author
John Williams Author

Negroes with Guns

Robert F. Williams Author
John Riddle Narrator

Adult Social Care Law in England

Reshaping Social Work (Series)

John Williams Author
Gwyneth Roberts Author

Godly Republic

John J. Dilulio, Jr. Author
Nick Williams Narrator

John Major

Kevin Hickson Editor
Ben Williams Editor

The Moral Heart of Public...

Claire Foster-Gilbert Editor
The Dean of Westminster Author of introduction, etc.

The River Dragon Has Come!

Dai Qing Author
John G. Thibodeau Author

The Future of Religious...

John Eibner Editor
Taner Akçam Contributor

Advancing Excellence and...

Caleb M. Clark Editor
George Amedee Contributor

Pathways to Fiscal Reform in...

The MIT Press (Series)

John W. Diamond Editor
George R. Zodrow Editor

Transboundary Policy...

J.C. Day Contributor
James Loucky Editor

Fragile States in the Americas

Security in the Americas in the Twenty-First Century (Series)

Jonathan D. Rosen Editor
Hanna S. Kassab Editor

Intelligence and the National...

Roger Z. George Editor
Robert D. Kline Editor

An Essential History of China

William John Cox Author

Transforming America

William John Cox Author

Mitt Romney and the Mormon...

William John Cox Author

Target Iran

William John Cox Author

Policing and Race in America

James D. Ward Editor
James D. Ward Contributor

America the Strong

William J Bennett Author
John T. E. Cribb Author

If We Can Put a Man on the Moon

William Eggers Author
John O'Leary Author

Liberty, Toleration and Equality

Routledge Studies in Social and Political Thought (Series)

John William Tate Author

The Politically Incorrect...

Politically Incorrect Guides (Series)

William Kilpatrick Author
John Pruden Narrator

Canadian Political Bundle

Quest Biography (Series)

Arthur Slade Author
Roderick Stewart Author

Romantic Rationalist

John P. Clark Author of introduction, etc.
William Godwin Author

The Way to Win

Mark Halperin Author
John F. Harris Author

Strength for Your Future

William J. Bennett Author
John T. E. Cribb Author

Pennsylvania Avenue

John Harwood Author
Gerald F. Seib Author

America the Strong

William J. Bennett Author
John T. E. Cribb Author

The Law of Consular Access

Routledge Research in International Law (Series)

John Quigley Author
William J. Aceves Author

Revolt in Athens

Princeton Legacy Library (Series)

John O. Iatrides Author
William Hardy McNeill Author of introduction, etc.

Mr. Chairman

on ohio politics (Series)

William L. Hershey Author
John C. Green Author

God & Man at Yale

William F. Buckley Jr. Author
William F. Buckley Jr. Author of introduction, etc.

Is Congress Broken?

William F. Connelly, Jr. Editor
John Pitney Jr. Editor

The Case for Grassroots...

John C. Morris Author
William Allen Gibson Author

Private Pensions and Public...

William G. Gale Editor
John B. Shoven Editor

Politics Recovered

Matt Sleat Editor
Duncan Bell Contributor


William G. Gale Author
J. Mark Iwry Author

A Contemporary Cuba Reader

Philip Brenner Editor
Marguerite Rose Jiménez Editor

Security in Iraq

Richard S. Marken Author
William W. Taylor Author

The Obama Presidency

William Crotty Editor
John C. Berg Contributor

Military Intervention

William J. Lahneman Editor
Steven L. Burg Contributor

President's Inaugural Speeches

George Washington Author
John Adams Author

What Do We Expect from Our...

Beryl A. Radin Editor
Joshua M. Chanin Editor

The Making of the...

Andrew E. Busch Contributor
Marty Cohen Contributor

Augustine and Psychology

Augustine in Conversation: Tradition and Innovation (Series)

Sandra Dixon Editor
John Doody Editor