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Care at the Close of Life

Stephen J. McPhee Author
Margaret A. Winker Author

Sherlock's Diseases of the...

James S. Dooley Editor
Anna S. F. Lok Editor

Evidence-Based Geriatric...

Elizabeth Capezuti Editor
DeAnne Zwicker Editor

Healthcare Systems

Jeffrey Braithwaite Editor
Russell Mannion Editor

Clinical Textbook of...

Avram H. Mack Editor
Kathleen T. Brady Editor

Laparoscopic Liver, Pancreas,...

Claudius Conrad Editor
Brice Gayet Editor

Hyperkinetic Movement Disorders

Alberto Albanese Editor
Joseph Jankovic Editor

Veterinary Medical Education

Jennifer L. Hodgson Editor
Jacquelyn M. Pelzer Editor


Michael J. DePalma Editor

The Trauma of Terrorism

Yael Danieli Author

Social Psychology

Arie W. Kruglanski Editor
E. Tory Higgins Editor

SD--Neck and Arm Pain...

Cesar Fernandez de las Penas Author

Textbook of Diabetes and...

Moshe Hod Editor
Lois G. Jovanovic Editor

Development of Vaccines

Manmohan Singh Editor
Indresh K. Srivastava Editor

A Case Approach to...

Catherine Marcucci Editor
Michael P. Hutchens Editor

Epidemiology, Evidence-based...

Lecture Notes (Series)

Yoav Ben-Shlomo Author
Sara Brookes Author

Collaborative Innovation in...

Wiley on Technologies for the Pharmaceutical Industry (Series)

Rathnam Chaguturu Editor
Ferid Murad Author of introduction, etc.

The Placenta

Helen Kay Editor
D. Michael Nelson Editor

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Stephan R. Targan Author
Fergus Shanahan Author

Assisted Reproduction Techniques

Khaldoun Sharif Editor
Arri Coomarasamy Editor

Manual Therapy for...

Cesar Fernandez de las Penas Editor

Interventions Following Mass...

Elspeth Cameron Ritchie Editor
Patricia J. Watson Editor

Current Medical Diagnosis and...

Lange (Series)

Stephen J. McPhee Author
Maxine Papadakis Author

Protocols for Macroalgae...

Bénédicte Charrier Editor
Thomas Wichard Editor

Interventional Cardiology

Carlo Di Mario Editor
George D. Dangas Editor

Cone Beam Computed Tomography...

Sunil D. Kapila Author

Echocardiography in Pediatric...

Wyman W. Lai Author
Luc L. Mertens Author

Case Studies in Modern Drug...

Xianhai Huang Editor
Robert G. Aslanian Editor

GI Epidemiology

Nicholas J. Talley Editor
G. Richard Locke Editor

Immune Dysfunction and...

Ronald Ross Watson Editor
Douglas F. Larson Editor

Parent-Youth Relations

Stephan Wilson Author
Gary W Peterson Author

Parkinson's Disease and...

Current Clinical Neurology (Series)

Ronald F. Pfeiffer Editor
Ivan Bodis-Wollner Editor

Label-Free Technologies For...

Matthew Cooper Editor
Lorenz M. Mayr Editor


Mount Sinai Expert Guides (Series)

Asher B. Simon Editor
Antonia S. New Editor


Michael M. Boyiadzis Author
James N. Frame Author

Tumor Board Review

Kathleen A. Cooney Editor
Teresa G. Hayes Editor

Management of Genetic Syndromes

Suzanne B. Cassidy Author
Judith E. Allanson Author

Rudolph's Pediatrics

Colin D. Rudolph Author
Abraham M. Rudolph Author

Florence Nightingale on...

Collected Works of Florence Nightingale (Series)

Book 6

Lynn McDonald Editor

Viva Practice for the...

MasterPass (Series)

Manit Arya Author
Iqbal Shergill Author

Bone Sarcoma

MD Anderson Cancer Care (Series)

Patrick P. Lin Editor
Shreyaskumar Patel Editor

The Biochemistry of Retinoid...

Subcellular Biochemistry (Series)

Mary Ann Asson-batres Editor
Cecile Rochette-egly Editor

Case Studies on Corporations...

Nora Kenworthy Editor
Ross Mackenzie Editor

Procedural Sedation for...

American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine Author
Joseph D. Tobias Editor

Cardiovascular Clinical Trials

Marcus Flather Editor
Deepak Bhatt Editor

Social Psychological...

The Blackwell in Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine (Series)

Jerry Suls Editor
Kenneth A. Wallston Editor

Preclinical Development Handbook

Pharmaceutical Development (Series)

Shayne Cox Gad Editor

Contemporary Debates in...

Contemporary Debates in Philosophy (Series)

Francisco J. Ayala Editor
Robert Arp Editor