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Forensic Science Education...

Anna Williams Editor
John Paul Cassella Editor

Difficult Diabetes

Challenges In (Series)

Geoff V. Gill Editor
Gareth Williams Editor

Avoiding Errors in Adult...

AVE--Avoiding Errors (Series)

Ian Reckless Author
D. John Reynolds Author

ABC of Clinical...

ABC (Series)

Francis Morris Editor
William J. Brady Editor

The Evidence Base for...

William Herman Editor
Ann Louise Kinmonth Editor

The Natural and Modified...

Robert M. Freedom Editor
Shi-joon Yoo Editor

Cochrane Handbook for...

Wiley Cochrane (Series)

Leam A. Craig Editor
William R. Lindsay Editor

Textbook of Gastroenterology

Tadataka Yamada Editor
David H. Alpers Other

de Swiet's Medical Disorders...

Raymond Powrie Editor
Michael Greene Editor

Immunotherapy in Transplantation

Bruce Kaplan Editor
Gilbert J. Burkhart Editor

Race, Ethnicity, and Health

Public Health/Vulnerable Populations (Series)

Thomas A. LaVeist Editor
Lydia A. Isaac Editor

Yamada's Textbook of...

Daniel K. Podolsky Editor
Michael Camilleri Editor

Defining Optimal...

Novartis Foundation Symposia (Series)

Gregory R. Bock Editor
Jamie A. Goode Editor

Depression and Cancer

World Psychiatric Association (Series)

David W. Kissane Editor
Mario Maj Editor

Alcohol Abuse and Liver Disease

James Neuberger Editor
Andrea DiMartini Author

Gregory's Pediatric Anesthesia

George A. Gregory Editor
Dean B. Andropoulos Editor

ABC of Occupational and...

ABC (Series)

David Snashall Editor
Dipti Patel Editor

Bovine Reproduction

Richard M. Hopper Editor

Principles and Practice of...

Lionel D. Edwards Editor
Andrew J. Fletcher Editor

Principles and Practice of...

Lionel D. Edwards Editor
Anthony W. Fox Editor

The UFAW Handbook on the Care...

Robert C. Hubrecht Editor
James Kirkwood Editor

Thomas' Hematopoietic Cell...

Karl G. Blume Editor
Stephen J. Forman Editor

Allergy and Allergic Diseases

A. Barry Kay Editor
Jean Bousquet Editor

Advances in Veterinary...

Volume 7 (Series)

Sheila M. F. Torres Editor
Linda Frank Editor

Emerging Theories in Health...

Ralph J. DiClemente Editor
Richard A. Crosby Editor

Dukes' Physiology of Domestic...

William O. Reece Editor
Howard H. Erickson Other

ABC of Sports and Exercise...

ABC (Series)

Gregory Whyte Editor
Mike Loosemore Editor

Infectious Diseases of Wild...

Elizabeth S. Williams Editor
Ian K. Barker Editor

How to be a Nurse or Midwife...

How To (Series)

David Ashton Author
Jamie Ripman Author

Community Ecotoxicology

Hierarchical Exotoxicology Mini (Series)

William H. Clements Author
Michael C. Newman Author


Gareth Williams Editor
Gema Fruhbeck Editor

Drug Induced Movement Disorders

Stewart Factor Editor
Anthony Lang Editor

The Textbook of...

John P. Griffin Editor
John Posner Editor

Clinical Dilemmas in Primary...

Clinical Dilemmas (UK) (Series)

Roger Williams Editor
Simon D. Taylor-Robinson Editor

Visual Diagnosis in Emergency...

Christopher P. Holstege Author
Alexander B. Baer Author

Ballantyne's Deafness

John Graham Editor
David Baguley Editor

Morson and Dawson's...

Neil A. Shepherd Editor
Bryan F. Warren Editor

Basic Biostatistics for...

Robert C. Elston Author
William Johnson Author

Advances in Intervertebral...

AVS Advances in Veterinary Surgery (Series)

James Fingeroth Editor
William Thomas Editor

Global Health Leadership and...

Jossey-Bass Public Health (Series)

William H. Foege Editor
Nils M.P. Daulaire Editor

Atlas of Endoscopic...

Frank G. Gress Editor
Thomas J. Savides Editor

Clinical Endocrine Oncology

Ian D. Hay Editor
John A. H. Wass Editor

Holland-Frei Cancer Medicine

Robert C. Bast, Jr. Editor
Carlo M. Croce Editor

Neuroendocrinology of Stress

Wiley-INF Masterclass in Neuroendocrinology (Series)

John A. Russell Editor
Michael J. Shipston Editor

Challenges in Inflammatory...

Derek P. Jewell Editor
Neil J. Mortensen Editor

Evidence-Based Cardiology

Evidence-Based Medicine (Series)

Salim Yusuf Editor
John A. Cairns Editor

Improving Health through...

William L. Holzemer Editor

Clinical Obesity in Adults...

Peter G. Kopelman Editor
Ian D. Caterson Editor