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John C Small Author
Michael J Clarke-Williams Author

Mastering Physician Engagement

HIMSS Book (Series)

John W. Showalter Author
Leigh T. Williams Author

Healing through Trigger Point...

Devin J. Starlanyl Author
John Sharkey Author

Forensic Science Education...

Anna Williams Editor
John Paul Cassella Editor

Research Methods for Nursing...

John Maltby Author
Glenn Williams Author

Avoiding Errors in Adult...

AVE--Avoiding Errors (Series)

Ian Reckless Author
D. John Reynolds Author

Williams Hematology Malignant...

Oliver W Press Author
Marshall A. Lichtman Author

A Practical Guide to the...

Oxford Respiratory Medicine Library (Series)

William Kinnear Author
John Blakely Author

Clinical Pain Management

Harald Breivik Author
Michael Nicholas Author

Planning for Uncertainty

Johns Hopkins Press Health (Series)

David John Doukas Author
William Reichel Author

The Organic Psychoses

Heritage (Series)

John G. Dewan Author
William B. Spaulding Author

EEG and Evoked Potentials in...

John R. Hughes Editor
William P. Wilson Editor

Psychiatric Criminology

John A. Liebert, MD Author
William J. Birnes, JD, PhD Author

Statistical Parametric Mapping

William D. Penny Editor
Karl J. Friston Editor

Kucers' the Use of Antibiotics

M. Lindsay Grayson Editor
Sara E. Cosgrove Editor

Medicine and Literature,...

John Salinsky Author

Surgical Techniques of the...

Brian J. Cole Author

Current Diagnosis & Treatment...


John B. Imboden Author
David B. Hellmann Author

Income Generation in General...

Andrew A Sanderson Author

Cochrane Handbook for...

Wiley Cochrane (Series)

Leam A. Craig Editor
William R. Lindsay Editor

Textbook of Gastroenterology

Tadataka Yamada Editor
David H. Alpers Other

Immunotherapy in Transplantation

Bruce Kaplan Editor
Gilbert J. Burkhart Editor

Decade of the Plague

Margaret R Rodway Author
Marianne Wright Author

Race, Ethnicity, and Health

Public Health/Vulnerable Populations (Series)

Thomas A. LaVeist Editor
Lydia A. Isaac Editor

Handbook of Primate...

Steven J. Schapiro Editor

Sports Medicine

Jonathan T. Finnoff Editor
Mark A. Harrast Editor

Yamada's Textbook of...

Daniel K. Podolsky Editor
Michael Camilleri Editor

The Complete Textbook of...

Jane Williams Author

Depression and Cancer

World Psychiatric Association (Series)

David W. Kissane Editor
Mario Maj Editor

Alcohol Abuse and Liver Disease

James Neuberger Editor
Andrea DiMartini Author

Gregory's Pediatric Anesthesia

George A. Gregory Editor
Dean B. Andropoulos Editor

Management of Prostate Cancer

Current Clinical Urology (Series)

Eric A. Klein Editor
J. Stephen Jones Editor

ABC of Occupational and...

ABC (Series)

David Snashall Editor
Dipti Patel Editor

Cardiac Surgery in the Adult

Lawrence H. Cohn Author

Bovine Reproduction

Richard M. Hopper Editor

Principles and Practice of...

Lionel D. Edwards Editor
Anthony W. Fox Editor

Advances in Veterinary...

Volume 7 (Series)

Sheila M. F. Torres Editor
Linda Frank Editor

Emerging Theories in Health...

Ralph J. DiClemente Editor
Richard A. Crosby Editor

Space Physiology and Medicine

Arnauld E. Nicogossian Editor
Richard S. Williams Editor

Essentials of Clinical...

William F. Wright Editor

Evidence-Based Geriatric...

Elizabeth Capezuti Editor
DeAnne Zwicker Editor

Developing Research in...

Mike Saks Author
Martin Williams Author

Dukes' Physiology of Domestic...

William O. Reece Editor
Howard H. Erickson Other

ABC of Sports and Exercise...

ABC (Series)

Gregory Whyte Editor
Mike Loosemore Editor

How to be a Nurse or Midwife...

How To (Series)

David Ashton Author
Jamie Ripman Author

Sexuality and Disability

Elaine Cooper Author
John Guillebaud Author

Case Files Geriatrics

Eugene C. Toy Author
Andrew Dentino Author

Organizations, Communication,...

Tyler R. Harrison Editor
Elizabeth A. Williams Editor