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A Companion to Literary Theory

Blackwell Companions to Literature and Culture (Series)

David H. Richter Editor

Advances in Materials Science...

Ceramic Transactions (Series)

Tatsuki Ohji Editor
Josef Matyáš Editor

Food and Eating in America

Uncovering the Past: Documentary Readers in American History (Series)

James C. Giesen Editor
Bryant Simon Editor

Engaging Archaeology

Stephen W. Silliman Editor

The Pancreas

Hans G. Beger Editor
Andrew L. Warshaw Editor


Alister E. McGrath Editor

Handbook of Recidivism Risk /...

Jay P. Singh Editor
Daryl G. Kroner Editor

C# 7.0 All-in-One For Dummies

John Paul Mueller Author
Bill Sempf Author

Microstructural Geochronology

Geophysical Monograph (Series)

Desmond E. Moser Editor
Fernando Corfu Editor

The Stress Test Every...

Jeffrey R. Greene Author
Steve Krouskos Author

The Romantic Poetry Handbook

Wiley Blackwell Literature Hand (Series)

Michael O'Neill Author
Madeleine Callaghan Author

Endoscopy in Liver Disease

John N. Plevris Editor
Peter C. Hayes Editor

The Profession of Modeling...

Wiley in Modeling and Simulation (Series)

Andreas Tolk Editor
Tuncer Ören Editor

Climate Change Impacts on...

Bruce F. Phillips Editor


Pérez-Ramírez Editor


ABC (Series)

Graeme P. Currie Editor

A Handbook of English...

Critical Theory Hand (Series)

John Lee Editor

Aquinas Among the Protestants

Manfred Svensson Editor
David VanDrunen Editor


Stanley Aronowitz Editor
Michael J. Roberts Editor

Handbook of Milk of...

Young W. Park Editor
George F. W. Haenlein Editor

Forensic Science Education...

Anna Williams Editor
John Paul Cassella Editor

Clinical Manual of Blood and...

Syed A. Abutalib Editor
Parameswaran Hari Editor

Practical Transfusion Medicine

Michael F. Murphy Editor
David J. Roberts Editor

The Cycle of Excellence

Tony Rousmaniere Editor
Rodney K. Goodyear Editor

Litigation Services Handbook

Roman L. Weil Author
Daniel G. Lentz Author

Clinical Radiation Oncology

William Small, Jr. Editor
Nancy J. Tarbell Other

A Handbook to the Reception...

Wiley Blackwell Handbooks to Classical Reception (Series)

Vanda Zajko Editor
Helena Hoyle Editor

The Handbook of Dialectology

Blackwell Handbooks in Linguistics (Series)

Charles Boberg Editor
John Nerbonne Editor

The Blackwell Companion to...

Susan Schneider Editor
Max Velmans Editor

The Wiley Blackwell Handbook...

Wiley-Blackwell Handbooks in Organizational Psychology (Series)

Eduardo Salas Editor
Ramon Rico Editor

How to be a Nurse or Midwife...

How To (Series)

David Ashton Author
Jamie Ripman Author

Occupational Therapy Evidence...

Cathy Long Editor
Jane Cronin-Davis Editor

Veterinary Medical Education

Jennifer L. Hodgson Editor
Jacquelyn M. Pelzer Editor

Literary Theory

How to Study Literature (Series)

Michael Ryan Editor

A Companion to Wittgenstein

Blackwell Companions to Philosophy (Series)

Hans-Johann Glock Editor
John Hyman Editor

A Companion to Chinese History

Wiley Blackwell Companions to World History (Series)

Michael Szonyi Editor


Mount Sinai Expert Guides (Series)

Asher B. Simon Editor
Antonia S. New Editor

The Entrepreneur

Sophie Boutillier Author
Dimitri Uzunidis Author

The Handbook of the...

Wiley Handbooks in Criminology and Criminal Justice (Series)

Gary LaFree Editor
Joshua D. Freilich Editor

The Conservative Party

Tim Bale Author

Physical and Biological...

Gregg M. Stave Editor
Peter H. Wald Editor

Advances in Chemical Physics

Advances in Chemical Physics (Series)

Stuart A. Rice Editor
Aaron R. Dinner Editor

Evaluating Student Learning...

J-B PE Single Issue (Program) Evaluation (Series)

Book 151

William H. Rickards Editor
Monica Stitt-Bergh Editor

Remotely Piloted Aircraft...

Aerospace (Series)

Nancy J. Cooke Editor
Leah J. Rowe Editor

Mindfulness-Based Strategic...

Juan Humberto Young Author

The International Handbook of...

Rory C. O'Connor Editor
Jane Pirkis Editor

Molecular Mycorrhizal Symbiosis

Francis Martin Editor

The Wiley Handbook of...

Wiley Handbooks in Education (Series)

Andre A. Rupp Editor
Jacqueline P. Leighton Editor

Handbook of Bird Biology

Irby J. Lovette Editor
John W. Fitzpatrick Editor