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Principles of Toxicology

Stephen M. Roberts Author
Robert C. James Author

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Vicki H. Grassian Editor

Synthetic Applications of 1,3...

Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds: a of Monographs (Series)

Albert Padwa Editor
William H. Pearson Editor

Analytical Techniques for...

Dwayne Heard Editor

Advances in Enzymology and...

Volume 76 (Series)

Eric J. Toone Editor
Daniel L. Purich Other

Developmental Neurotoxicology...

Cheng Wang Editor
William Slikker, Jr Editor

The Heaviest Metals

EIC (Series)

William J. Evans Editor
Timothy P. Hanusa Editor

Advances in Enzymology and...

Volume 77 (Series)

Eric J. Toone Editor

Protein Misfolding Diseases

Wiley in Protein and Peptide Science (Series)

Marina Ramirez-Alvarado Editor
Jeffery W. Kelly Editor

Heterogeneous Catalysis at...

Franklin (Feng) Tao Author
William F. Schneider Author

Green Techniques for Organic...

Wei Zhang Editor
Berkeley W. Cue Editor

The Handbook of Advanced...

James K. Wessel Other

The Role of the Study...

William J. Brock Editor
Barbara Mounho Other

Metal-Enhanced Fluorescence

Chris D. Geddes Editor

Groundwater Monitoring

Water Quality Measurements (Series)

Philippe Quevauviller Editor
Anne Marie Fouillac Author

Metallotherapeutic Drugs and...

Marcel Gielen Editor
Edward R. T. Tiekink Editor

The Investigation of Organic...

Howard Maskill Editor

Kirk-Othmer Chemical...

Kirk-Othmer Author

Heterocyclic Chemistry At a...

Chemistry At a Glance (Series)

John A. Joule Author
Keith Mills Author

Applications of Physical...

EIC (Series)

Robert A. Scott Editor
Charles M. Lukehart Editor

Aerosol Measurement

Pramod Kulkarni Editor
Paul A. Baron Editor

Toxicology and Risk Assessment

Helmut Greim Editor
Robert Snyder Editor

Fundamentals of Early...

Ahmed F. Abdel-Magid Author
Stéphane Caron Author

Chiral Separation Methods for...

Satinder Ahuja Editor

Advances in Chemical Physics

Advances in Chemical Physics (Series)

Stuart A. Rice Editor
Aaron R. Dinner Editor

Advances in Chemical Physics,...

Volume 105 (Series)

David M. Ferguson Editor
J. Ilja Siepmann Editor

Progress in Inorganic Chemistry

Volume 43 (Series)

Kenneth D. Karlin Editor

Applications of...

Darrell R. Boverhof Editor
B. Bhaskar Gollapudi Editor

Computational Toxicology

Wiley on Technologies for the Pharmaceutical Industry (Series)

Sean Ekins Editor

Integrated Strategies for...

Wiley on Pharmaceutical Science and Biotechnology: Practices, Applications and Methods (Series)

Mike S. Lee Author

Drug Discovery and...

Volume 1 (Series)

Mukund S. Chorghade Editor

Pharmaceutical Amorphous...

Ann Newman Editor

Drug Delivery

Wiley in Drug Discovery and Development (Series)

Binghe Wang Author
Teruna J. Siahaan Author

Leachables and Extractables...

Douglas J. Ball Editor
Daniel L. Norwood Editor

Mass Spectrometry Handbook

Wiley on Pharmaceutical Science and Biotechnology: Practices, Applications and Methods (Series)

Mike S. Lee Editor

Mass Spectrometry for Drug...

Wiley on Mass Spectrometry (Series)

Walter A. Korfmacher Editor

Drug Discovery Handbook

Pharmaceutical Development (Series)

Shayne Cox Gad Editor

Advances in Enzymology and...

Volume 78 (Series)

Eric J. Toone Editor

Glyphosate Resistance in...

Vijay K. Nandula Editor

Cardiotoxicity of...

Giorgio Minotti Author

Applications of Transition...

Matthew L. Crawley Editor
Barry M. Trost Editor

Biomarkers in Drug Discovery...

Ramin Rahbari Editor
Jonathan Van Niewaal Editor

Biomass to Biofuels

Alain A. Vertes Editor
Nasib Qureshi Editor

Oil Spill Remediation

Ponisseril Somasundaran Author
Partha Patra Author

Antibody-Mediated Drug...

Yashwant Pathak Author
Simon Benita Author

Molecular and Biochemical...

Robert C. Smart Editor
Ernest Hodgson Editor

Collaborative Innovation in...

Wiley on Technologies for the Pharmaceutical Industry (Series)

Rathnam Chaguturu Editor
Ferid Murad Author of introduction, etc.