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North Carolina Slave Narratives

The John Hope Franklin in African American History and Culture (Series)

William L. Andrews Editor

Colonel John Pelham

William W. Hassler Author

A Soldier's General

Civil War America (Series)

John C. Oeffinger Editor

One of Lee's Best Men

William W. Hassler Editor

My Southern Home

William Wells Brown Author

Salt of the Earth, Conscience...

John M. Ferren Author

A. P. Hill

William W. Hassler Author

Bill Bright and Campus...

John G. Turner Author

William Lowndes and the...

Carl J. Vipperman Author

Lincoln's Autocrat

Civil War America (Series)

William Marvel Author

Nathaniel Bowditch and the...

Tamara Plakins Thornton Author

The Life and Legend of E. H....

Maury Klein Author

Pauline Elizabeth Hopkins

Gender and American Culture (Series)

Lois Brown Author

Frederick Douglass

D. H. Dilbeck Author

Braxton Bragg

Civil War America (Series)

Earl J. Hess Author