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Current Thinking and Research...

William Matthews Author
John Edgette Author

Political Marketing in the...

Jennifer Lees-Marshment Editor
Brian Conley Editor

Routledge Handbook of Leisure...

Tony Blackshaw Editor

Secrets and Laws

Melanie Williams Editor

Handbook of Criminal...

Tim Newburn Editor
Tom Williamson Editor

Thomas Tallis

John Harley Author

Psychiatric Criminology

John A. Liebert, MD Author
William J. Birnes, JD, PhD Author

Culture and Enlightenment

Paul Crittenden Author
John Grumley Editor

Popular Culture as Everyday Life

Dennis D. Waskul Editor
Phillip Vannini Editor

The Ashgate Research...

Bob Reinalda Editor

Performing Masculinity in...

Christopher Marlow Author

The British Fiscal-Military...

Aaron Graham Editor
Patrick Walsh Editor

Handbook of Public Protection

Mike Nash Editor
Andy Williams Editor

British Artists and the...

Ysanne Holt Author

The Romance of the Holy Land...

Brian Yothers Author

Memory and Desire

Kenneth McConkey Author

Handbook of Crime Prevention...

Nick Tilley Editor
Aiden Sidebottom Editor

Peace and Reconciliation in...

E. P. Moloney Editor
Michael Stuart Williams Editor

Religion and the Public Sphere

James Walters Editor
Esther Kersley Editor

Companion to Environmental...

Noel Castree Editor
Mike Hulme Editor

The Sustainable Enterprise...

Jeana Wirtenberg Editor
William Russell Editor

Routledge International...

Theo Gavrielides Editor

Behavioral Methods in Social...

Steven Paul Schinke Author
James. K Whittaker Author

Who was Who at Waterloo

Christopher Summerville Author

The Top 50 Sustainability Books

Wayne Visser Author

Theatre Arts on Acting

Laurence Senelick Editor

Handbook of Corporate...

Geoff Peters Author

Public Life and the Place of...

Michael Brierley Editor

The Opinions of William Cobbett

James Grande Author
John Stevenson Author

Ruling England 1042-1217

Richard Huscroft Author

Staging Pain, 1580–1800

Mathew R. Martin Author
James Robert Allard Editor

Taxing Democracy

Valerie Braithwaite Editor

The Environmental Tradition...

John Parham Editor

Between System and Poetics

Thomas A.F. Kelly Editor

Effective Leadership at...

Robert T. Palmer Editor
Dina C. Maramba Editor

Economics of Water Resources

Mary E. Renwick Author

The Service-Dominant Logic of...

Robert F. Lusch Author
Stephen L. Vargo Author

Failure and Nerve in the...

William E. Arnal Author
Willi Braun Author

Introduction to Policing...

Mark Brunger Editor
Stephen Tong Editor

Gay Men Living with Chronic...

Benjamin Lipton Author

The Future of Psychological...

John Lees Editor

On Bohemia

Cesar Grana Editor


John Lukacs Author

Writing a Small Nation's Past

Neil Evans Author
Huw Pryce Editor

Handbook of Educational...

Lyn Corno Editor
Eric M. Anderman Editor

Adult Language Education and...

James Simpson Editor
Anne Whiteside Editor

British Freemasonry,...

Robert Peter Editor

Routledge Revivals

P. E. Razzell Author