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The Crusades and their Sources

John France Author
William G. Zajac Author


Routledge Revivals (Series)

William Caxton Author
John James Munro Editor


Routledge Revivals (Series)

William H Prescott Author
John Foster Kirk Editor

The Politics of East Asia

John E. Endicott Author
William R. Heaton Author

A Short History of the German...

Routledge Library Editions: Linguistics (Series)

William Walker Chambers Author
John Ritchie Wilkie Author

The Law of Consular Access

Routledge Research in International Law (Series)

John Quigley Author
William J. Aceves Author

The Canada-US Border in the...

Routledge Advances in Regional Economics, Science and Policy (Series)

John B. Sutcliffe Author
William P. Anderson Author

Russian and Soviet Education...

Reference Books in International Education (Series)

John T. Zepper Author
William W. Brickman Author

The Shakespearean...

Routledge Revivals (Series)

Book 2

John. M Mucciolo Editor
William R Elton Editor

Soviet Ground Forces

John Erickson Author
Lynn Hansen Author

Psychiatric Criminology

John A. Liebert, MD Author
William J. Birnes, JD, PhD Author

Matériel Culture

One World Archaeology (Series)

Colleen M. Beck Editor
William Gray Johnson Editor

A Handbook of...

Psychology Library Editions: Neuropsychology (Series)

John R. Crawford Editor
Denis M. Parker Editor

Studies in Perception and...

Studies in Perception and Action (Series)

S. Stavros Valenti Editor
John B. Pittenger Editor

The Cheque Books of the...

Routledge Revivals (Series)

William Lovegrove Editor
John Harley Editor

Controversies in Media Ethics

A. David Gordon Author
John Michael Kittross Author

Market Analysis

William Winston Author
Robert E Stevens Author

Computer-Based Testing

Craig N. Mills Editor
Maria T. Potenza Editor

British Artists and the...

Ysanne Holt Author

European Theatre Performance...

Critical Essays on European Theatre Performance Practice (Series)

Jim Davis Editor

Medieval Hagiography

Garland Library of Medieval Literature (Series)

Thomas Head Author

Who was Who at Waterloo

Christopher Summerville Author

New York

Routledge Research in Art History (Series)

Margaret R. Laster Editor
Chelsea Bruner Editor

John Foxe and his World

St Andrews Studies in Reformation History (Series)

Christopher Highley Author
John N. King Author

A Walk across Africa

Hakluyt Society, Third (Series)

Roy Bridges Editor

The Plays of William Godwin

The Pickering Masters (Series)

David O'Shaughnessy Author

Volume 3: The Sixteenth Century

Ashgate Critical Essays on Early English Lexicographers (Series)

Roderick McConchie Editor

The Routledge Introduction to...

Routledge Introductions to American Literature (Series)

Linda Wagner-Martin Author

Sir Walter Scott on Novelists...

Routledge Revivals (Series)

Ioan Williams Editor

Across the Borders

Modern Economic and Social History (Series)

Günter Dinhobl Author
Ralf Roth Editor

Philosophy of Science

Joseph J. Kockelmans Editor

The History of Western...

Graham Oppy Author
N. N. Trakakis Author

The Paranormal and Popular...

Routledge Studies in Religion (Series)

Darryl Caterine Editor
John W. Morehead Editor

Visualizing Africa in...

Routledge Research in Travel Writing (Series)

Leila Koivunen Author

George Orwell

Thomas Cushman Author
John Rodden Author

Poetry Today

Anthony Thwaite Author

American and European...

John McCormick Author

UN Peacekeeping Doctrine in a...

Global Institutions (Series)

Cedric de Coning Editor
Chiyuki Aoi Editor

Contours of African American...

John F. Knutson Editor

The Second Wave (Routledge...

Routledge Revivals (Series)

John Russell Taylor Author

The Future of Deterrence

Robbin F Laird Author
Betsy Jacobs Author

Japan, Australia and...

Routledge Security in Asia Pacific (Series)

Brad Williams Editor
Andrew Newman Editor

Ecological Approaches to...

Eugene Winograd Editor
Robyn Fivush Editor

Intonation in Discourse

Routledge Library Editions: Phonetics and Phonology (Series)

Catherine Johns-Lewis Editor

The Emperor in the Byzantine...

Publications of the Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies (Series)

Shaun Tougher Editor

The Voyage of Captain John...

Hakluyt Society, Third (Series)

Richard J. Campbell Editor
Peter T. Bradley Editor

Peace and Reconciliation in...

E. P. Moloney Editor
Michael Stuart Williams Editor

Teachers on the Edge

John Boe Editor
David Masiel Editor