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Forensic Group Psychotherapy

The New International Library of Group Analysis (Series)

Andrew Williams Editor
John Woods Editor

Independent Psychoanalysis Today

Paul Williams Editor
John Keane Editor

Simple and Complex...

Mary Beth Williams Author
John F Sommer Jr. Author

Current Thinking and Research...

William Matthews Author
John Edgette Author

A Handbook of...

Psychology Library Editions: Neuropsychology (Series)

John R. Crawford Editor
Denis M. Parker Editor

Studies in Perception and...

Studies in Perception and Action (Series)

S. Stavros Valenti Editor
John B. Pittenger Editor

Ecological Approaches to...

Eugene Winograd Editor
Robyn Fivush Editor

The Scope of Epidemiological...

Routledge Library Editions: Psychiatry (Series)

Paul Williams Editor
Greg Wilkinson Editor

Controversial Therapies for...

Richard M. Foxx Editor
James A. Mulick Editor

Decade of the Plague

Margaret R Rodway Author
Marianne Wright Author

Residential Interventions for...

Gary M. Blau Editor
Beth Caldwell Editor

Politics of Social Psychology

Frontiers of Social Psychology (Series)

Jarret T. Crawford Editor
Lee Jussim Editor

Williams Syndrome

Carolyn B. Mervis Editor

Unimaginable Storms

Murray Jackson Author
Paul Williams Author

Invasive Objects

Relational Perspectives Book (Series)

Paul Williams Author


Paul Williams Author

Anticipation and Decision...

A. Mark Williams Editor
Robin C. Jackson Editor

Ostracism, Exclusion, and...

Frontiers of Social Psychology (Series)

Kipling D. Williams Editor
Steve A. Nida Editor

Psychology and Its Cities

Christopher D. Green Author

Schooling and the Acquisition...

Routledge Library Editions: Psychology of Education (Series)

Richard C. Anderson Editor
Rand J. Spiro Editor

Developmental Disorders of...

Brain, Behaviour and Cognition (Series)

Nicole J. Rinehart Editor
John L. Bradshaw Editor

Neural Network Models of...

Psychology Library Editions: Cognitive Science (Series)

Michael L. Commons Editor
Stephen Grossberg Editor

Adolescence and Breakdown

Routledge Library Editions: Adolescence (Series)

Simon Meyerson Editor

Theoretical Issues in Reading...

Psychology Library Editions: Psychology of Reading (Series)

Rand J. Spiro Editor
Bertram C. Bruce Editor

Biographical Dictionary of...

Noel Sheehy Editor
Antony J. Chapman Editor

Anatomy of Madness Vol 1

W F Bynum Author
Michael Shepherd Author

Dimensions of Psychoanalysis

Joseph Sandler Author

Neuroscience and Education

Routledge International Studies in the Philosophy of Education (Series)

Clarence W. Joldersma Editor

Aberrant Development in Infancy

Psychology Library Editions: Comparative Psychology (Series)

Norman R. Ellis Editor


Routledge Library Editions: Adolescence (Series)

Simon Meyerson Editor

Man in Isolation and Confinement

John E. Rasmussen Editor

Sleep and Dreams

Routledge Library Editions: Sleep and Dreams (Series)

Jayne Gackenbach Editor

Stranger in My Own Body

Domenico Di Ceglie Author

The Development of Mind

William McCord Author

Psychological Development...

Psychology Library Editions: Child Development (Series)

Marc H. Bornstein Editor
William Kessen Editor

Sexual Conduct

William Simon Author

The Future of Psychological...

John Lees Editor

Eighteenth-Century British...

Foundations and Frontiers in Aesthetics (Series)

Dabney Townsend Author

Sons and Fathers

John Crosby Author

Principia Amoris

John Mordechai Gottman Author

Behavior Modification Procedure

Steven Paul Schinke Editor

Aging in Place

James J Callahan Jr Editor

Autonomous Learning in the...

SIOP Organizational Frontiers (Series)

Jill E. Ellingson Editor
Raymond A. Noe Editor

Why the United States Does...

Policy, Politics, Health and Medicine (Series)

Vicente Navarro Author

The Handbook of Clinical...

Gary O'Reilly Editor
William L. Marshall Editor

Group Psychotherapy from the...

Routledge Library Editions: Group Therapy (Series)

Max Rosenbaum Editor

Transactional Analysis in...

Richard G. Erskine Author

Dissociation and the...

Paul F. Dell Editor
John A. O'Neil Editor