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Corporal Hitler and the Great...

Cass Military Studies (Series)

John F Williams Author

Modernity, the Media and the...

Cass Military Studies (Series)

John F. Williams Author

The River Dragon Has Come!

Dai Qing Author
John G. Thibodeau Author

The Life of William Augustus,...

Roxburghe Club (Series)

Roderick Macpherson Author

Religion and Society in the...

John Morgan-Guy Author
William Gibson Editor

Europeans in West Africa,...

Hakluyt Society, Second (Series)

John William Blake Editor

A History of the Early Church...

John William Charles Wand Author


Routledge Revivals (Series)

William Caxton Author
John James Munro Editor

The Crusades and their Sources

John France Author
William G. Zajac Author

Soviet Ground Forces

John Erickson Author
Lynn Hansen Author


Routledge Revivals (Series)

William H Prescott Author
John Foster Kirk Editor

European Theatre Performance...

Critical Essays on European Theatre Performance Practice (Series)

Jim Davis Editor

Medieval Hagiography

Garland Library of Medieval Literature (Series)

Thomas Head Author

Who was Who at Waterloo

Christopher Summerville Author

New York

Routledge Research in Art History (Series)

Margaret R. Laster Editor
Chelsea Bruner Editor

John Foxe and his World

St Andrews Studies in Reformation History (Series)

Christopher Highley Author
John N. King Author

A Walk across Africa

Hakluyt Society, Third (Series)

Roy Bridges Editor

Across the Borders

Modern Economic and Social History (Series)

Günter Dinhobl Author
Ralf Roth Editor

The Emperor in the Byzantine...

Publications of the Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies (Series)

Shaun Tougher Editor

The Voyage of Captain John...

Hakluyt Society, Third (Series)

Richard J. Campbell Editor
Peter T. Bradley Editor

The Biblical World

Routledge Worlds (Series)

John Barton Editor

Peace and Reconciliation in...

E. P. Moloney Editor
Michael Stuart Williams Editor

The Indian Ocean Trade in...

Matthew Adam Cobb Editor

Communications in Africa,...

David Sunderland Author

Kidnappers in Philadelphia

Routledge Revivals (Series)

Daniel E. Meaders Author

The Routledge History of...

Jerald Podair Editor
Darren Dochuk Editor

Edmund Burke

Daniel E. Ritchie Author

Philip Augustus

The Medieval World (Series)

Jim Bradbury Author

The Elizabethan World

Routledge Worlds (Series)

Susan Doran Editor
Norman Jones Editor

Routledge Handbook of African...

James J. Hentz Editor

Archiving Settler Colonialism

Empires and the Making of the Modern World, 1650-2000 (Series)

Yu-Ting Huang Editor
Rebecca Weaver-Hightower Editor

The Journal of John Jourdain,...

Hakluyt Society, Second (Series)

William Foster Editor

Sharing Friendship

Explorations in Practical, Pastoral and Empirical Theology (Series)

John B. Thomson Author

Literature and Politics in...

Routledge Library Editions: Social and Political Thought in the Nineteenth Century (Series)

John Lucas Editor

Elizabeth Robins

Prof Angela V John Author
Angela V. John Author

The Journey of William of...

Hakluyt Society, Second (Series)

William Woodville Rockhill Editor

Before the Fall

William Gardner Author

New York Scene

John Sloan Editor

Victorian Painting

Routledge Library Editions: Art and Culture in the Nineteenth Century (Series)

John Charles Olmsted Author

The Travels of John Sanderson...

Hakluyt Society, Second (Series)

Sir William Foster Editor

A Political Biography of...

Eighteenth-Century Political Biographies (Series)

Christopher Fauske Author

The Hawkins' Voyages during...

Hakluyt Society, First (Series)

Clements R. Markham Editor

William Marshal

David Crouch Author

Corruption in Urban Politics...

Historical Urban Studies (Series)

John Smith Author
James R Moore Editor

The Historian At Work

Routledge Library Editions: Historiography (Series)

John Cannon Author

The Routledge Companion to...

Alison J. Williams Editor
Neil Jenkings Editor

Bombay in the Days of Queen...

Hakluyt Society, Second (Series)

Sir William Foster Author
Sir Evan Cotton Author

Liberalism and the British...

Empires in Perspective (Series)

Gareth Knapman Editor
Anthony Milner Editor