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Life, Death, and Meaning

David Benatar Author
Margaret A. Boden Contributor

Life, Death, and Meaning

David Benatar Editor
Margaret A. Boden Contributor

Research on Schools,...

William F. Tate IV Editor
Walter Allen Contributor

Intelligence and the National...

Roger Z. George Editor
Robert D. Kline Editor

Schooling the Symbolic Animal

Bradley A. U. Levinson Editor
Kathryn M. Borman Editor

Harold Innis's History of...

Critical Media Studies: Institutions, Politics, and Culture (Series)

William J. Buxton Editor
Michael R. Cheney Editor

A Contemporary Cuba Reader

Philip Brenner Editor
Marguerite Rose Jiménez Editor

Military Intervention

William J. Lahneman Editor
Steven L. Burg Contributor

Presidential Candidate Images

Communication, Media, and Politics (Series)

Kenneth L. Hacker Editor
David Albert Contributor

Religion and Politics in America

Michael Cromartie Editor
David Brooks Contributor


Sharon L. Spray Editor
Karen L. McGlothlin Editor

The Human Tradition in the...

James C. Klotter Editor
David L. Anderson Contributor

New Ways of Doing Business

Mark A. Abramson Editor
Ann M. Kieffaber Editor

The Making of the...

Andrew E. Busch Contributor
Marty Cohen Contributor

The American Military Tradition

John M. Carroll Editor
Colin F. Baxter Editor

Words Over War

Melanie Greenberg Editor
John H. Barton Editor

The Many Faces of Asian Security

Sheldon W. Simon Author
Paul Bracken Contributor

Globalization on the Ground

Christopher Chase-Dunn Editor
Nelson Amaro Editor

The State of the Parties

John C. Green Editor
Daniel J. Coffey Editor

Theories of Democracy

Ronald J. Terchek Editor
Thomas C. Conte Editor

Leo Strauss, The Straussians,...

Kenneth L. Deutsch Author
John A. Murley Author

Religion, Culture, and...

Michael Cromartie Editor
David Bloom Contributor

Transforming Undergraduate...

Donald W. Harward Editor
Jann H. Adams Contributor

The New Politics of the Old...

Charles S. Bullock III Editor
Mark J. Rozell Editor

Preventive Measures

John L. Davies Editor
Adeel Ahmed Contributor

The Taste of American Place

Barbara G. Shortridge Editor
James R. Shortridge Editor

Sociological Theory and the...

Riley E. Dunlap Editor
Frederick H. Buttel Editor

Global Multiculturalism

Grant H. Cornwell Author
Eve Walsh Stoddard Author

Opportunities Missed,...

Bruce W. Jentleson Editor
Lee H. Hamilton Author of introduction, etc.

Beyond 2020

Mary Landon Darden Editor
Alexander W. Astin Contributor

Philosophical Dialogues

Nina Witoszek Editor
Andrew Brennan Editor

Public Sociologies Reader

Judith Blau Editor
Keri E. Iyall Smith Editor

Understanding Inequality

Barbara A. Arrighi Author
Judi Addelston Contributor

Innovations in Higher Education

The ACE on Higher Education (Series)

Allan M. Hoffman Editor
Stephen D. Spangehl Editor

The Human Tradition in the...

Steven E. Woodworth Editor

The Human Tradition in...

Charles W. Calhoun Editor
Neal Salisbury Contributor

The 100 Greatest Silent Film...

James Roots Author

Beyond Gatsby

Contemporary American Literature (Series)

Robert McParland Author

Gramsci and Education

Carmel Borg Editor
Joseph A. Buttigieg Editor

U.S. Navy Codebreakers,...

Capt. Steven E. Maffeo Author

The Human Tradition in Texas

Ty Cashion Editor
de la Jesus F. Teja Editor

Ancient Rome

William E. Dunstan Author

America's Beginnings

Tony J. Williams Author

How Do I Save My Honor?

William F. Felice Author

Representative Americans

Norman K. Risjord Author

Life, Liberty, and the...

Charles R. Kesler Editor
John B. Kienker Editor

James Madison Rules America

William F. Connelly Jr. Author

The Essential Antifederalist

William B. Allen Editor
Gordon Lloyd Editor