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Handbook of Capture-Recapture...

Steven C. Amstrup Editor
Trent L. McDonald Editor

The Handbook of Economic...

Neil J. Smelser Editor
Richard Swedberg Editor

Reading Obama

James T. Kloppenberg Author

The Mathematics of Various...

Jennifer Beineke Editor
Jason Rosenhouse Editor

The Best Writing on...

Mircea Pitici Editor
Roger Penrose Author of introduction, etc.

The Lincoln Persuasion

J. David Greenstone Author

No Man's Land

Cindy Hahamovitch Author

The Princeton History of...

Richard Bourke Editor
Ian McBride Editor

Essays on the Intellectual...

Jacob Viner Author
Douglas A. Irwin Editor

A Philosophy of Culture

Morton White Author

The Burr Conspiracy

James E. Lewis Jr. Author

In Search of Prosperity

Dani Rodrik Editor

The Vietnam War and...

Richard A. Falk Author

The Great Divergence

Kenneth Pomeranz Author


Wayne L. Winston Author

The Behavioral Foundations of...

Eldar Shafir Editor

A Deadly Indifference

Marshall Jevons Author

The Evolution of Theodosius...

Mark B. Adams Editor

Hidden in Plain Sight

Barbara Bennett Woodhouse Author

The Theory of Island...

Jonathan B. Losos Editor
Robert E. Ricklefs Editor

New Wealth for Old Nations

Diane Coyle Editor
Wendy Alexander Editor

The Many and the One

Richard Madsen Editor
Tracy B. Strong Editor


Princeton Legacy Library (Series)

Julian Moynahan Author

The Essential Goethe

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Author
Matthew Bell Editor

Debussy and His World

Jane Fulcher Editor

Ideas of Liberty in Early...

Hilary Gatti Author

Power, Speed, and Form

David P. Billington Author
David P. Billington Jr. Author

Site Reading

David J. Alworth Author

The Book of "Job"

Mark Larrimore Author

Islam and the Challenge of...

Khaled Abou El Fadl Author
Joshua Cohen Editor

The Global Remapping of...

Paul Giles Author

Riot, Rebellion, and Revolution

Friedrich Katz Editor

The Traditional Tunes of the...

Bertrand Harris Bronson Author

The Antifraternal Tradition...

Princeton Legacy Library (Series)

Penn R. Szittya Author

Lectures on the Theory of...

Harold William Kuhn Author

On War and Leadership

Owen Connelly Author


David Heyd Editor

Loving and Hating Mathematics

Reuben Hersh Author
Vera John-Steiner Author

The Founders on Religion

James H. Hutson Editor
James H. Hutson Author of introduction, etc.

Charter Schools in Action

Chester E. Finn, Jr. Author
Bruno V. Manno Author

The Pragmatism Reader

Robert B. Talisse Editor
Scott F. Aikin Editor

Powell of the Colorado

Princeton Legacy Library (Series)

William Culp Darrah Author

The Pleasure Gardens of Virginia

Princeton Legacy Library (Series)

Peter Martin Author

Profession of Dramatist in...

Gerald Eades Bentley Author

The Papers of Thomas...

Papers of Thomas Jefferson (Series)

Book 1804

Thomas Jefferson Author
James P. McClure Editor

From a Philosophical Point of...

Morton White Author

Political Modernization in...

Robert E. Ward Editor
Dankwart A. Rustow Editor

Politics and the Passions,...

Victoria Kahn Editor
Neil Saccamano Editor