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Black Classical Musicians and...

Rodreguez King-Dorset Author

Downing Street Blues

Jonathan Davidson, M.D. Author

Lincoln's Political Generals

Benton Rain Patterson Author

Black Stereotypes in Popular...

Bernard A. Drew Author

Valor of Many Stripes

Scott Baron Author

Rebel Guerrillas

Paul Williams Author

Watching Baseball, Seeing...

Raymond Angelo Belliotti Author

Pioneers of Amphibious...

Leo J. Daugherty III Author

Violence in American Drama

Alfonso Ceballos Muñoz, Editor
Ramón Espejo Romero Editor

In Vino Veritas

Nicholas O. Warner Editor

The Water-Powered Mills of...

Contributions to Southern Appalachian Studies (Series)

Franklin F. Webb Author
Ricky L. Cox Author

Text & Presentation

The Comparative Drama Conference Series

Book 2008

Stratos E. Constantinidis Editor

Legends of Disco

James Arena Author

Of Monarchs and Black Barons

James A. Riley Author

The Williamston Freedom Movement

Amanda Hilliard Smith Author

Buster Keaton's Crew

Lisle Foote Author

Base Ball Founders

Peter Morris, Editor
William J. Ryczek Editor

John Woo

Kenneth E. Hall Author

British and Irish Poets

William Stewart Author

John Tortes "Chief" Meyers

William A. Young Author

The Revolutionary War Memoirs...

William Heath Author

The Psychology of the Western

William Indick Author

The Bite, the Breast and the...

Amy Williams Wilson Author

William Stanley as Shakespeare

John M. Rollett Author

The College of William and...

Sean M. Heuvel Author
Lisa L. Heuvel Author

Anthony Mann

William Darby Author

John Updike Remembered

Jack A. De Bellis Editor

The War of 1812 in Person

John C. Fredriksen Editor

Wisconsin's 37

Erin Miller Author
John B. Sharpless Author

The American Presidents...

Charles F. Faber Author
Richard B. Faber Author

The Cubs Win the Pennant!

John C. Skipper Author

Judicial Monarchs

William J. Watkins, Jr. Author

Heresy and the English...

Georgi Vasilev Author

Warren William

John Stangeland Author

The Cooperstown Symposium on...

Cooperstown Symposium Series

William M. Simons Editor

The Cavalries at Stones River

Dennis W. Belcher Author

Domestic Programs of the...

Richard B. Faber Author
Elizabeth A. Bedford Author

Hood's Texas Brigade in the...

Edward B. Williams Author

Sir Henry Neville, Alias...

Mark Bradbeer Author
John Casson Author

For Virginia and for...

Harry M. Ward Author

Preparing for Disunion

Allen H. Mesch Author

Terror Television

American (Series)

John Kenneth Muir Author

Jim Thorpe

William A. Cook Author

Visitors to Ancient America

William F. McNeil Author