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The Grand Strategy that Won...

Douglas E. Streusand Editor
Norman A. Bailey Editor

Survival of the Historically...

Edward Fort Editor

Lincoln's Enduring Legacy

William D. Pederson Editor
Frank J. Williams Editor

Race and Reconciliation in...

William S. Cohen Author
Janet Langhart Cohen Author

Fragile States in the Americas

Security in the Americas in the Twenty-First Century (Series)

Jonathan D. Rosen Editor
Hanna S. Kassab Editor

American Democracy

Justin P. DePlato Editor
Kyle Hodge Author

The Twenty-First-Century...

John Allen Hendricks Editor
Alan B. Albarran Contributor

Visits with Lincoln

Barbara A. White Author

Sports Fans, Identity, and...

Adam C. Earnheardt Editor
Paul Haridakis Editor


Marcin Kosienkowski Editor
William Schreiber Editor

The Catholic Church in...

David Carroll Cochran Editor
John C. Waldmeir Editor

The Trickster Brain

David Williams Author

The Supreme Court against the...

John A. Murley Author
Sean D. Sutton Author

A History of Habit

Tom Sparrow Editor
Adam Hutchinson Editor

Patrick Henry-Onslow Debate

H. Lee Cheek Jr. Editor
Sean R. Busick Editor

Philosophy Imprisoned

Sarah Tyson Editor
Joshua M. Hall Editor

The 2012 Nomination and the...

William J. Miller Editor
Joshua T. Putnam Contributor

Democracy as Discussion

William M. Keith Author

Voices of Native American...

Sheila T. Gregory Editor

Poems Containing History

Gary Grieve-Carlson Author

Finding Fogerty

Thomas M. Kitts Editor

William Blake's Religious Vision

Jennifer Jesse Author

Histories of American...

Michael A. Little Editor
Kenneth A. R. Kennedy Editor

The Challenge of the American...

Philip Abbott Author

The Antipodean Philosopher

Graham Oppy Author
John Bigelow Contributor

The Irish-American Experience...

Marta Deyrup Editor
Maura Grace Harrington Editor

Borrowed Imagination

Samar Attar Author

Reading the Novels of John...

Mark Asquith Author

Broken Bones, Broken Bodies

Caryn E. Tegtmeyer Editor
Debra L. Martin Editor

History of American Political...

Applications of Political Theory (Series)

Bryan-Paul Frost Editor
Jeffrey Sikkenga Editor

Deconstructing Dads

Laura Tropp Editor
Janice Kelly Editor

Commentary on the...

Joshua B. Stein Author
Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad Contributor

The American Founding and the...

Ronald J. Pestritto Editor
Thomas G. West Editor

Raoul Peck

Toni Pressley-Sanon Editor
Sophie Saint-Just Editor

Colonial Chesapeake

Debra Meyers Editor
Melanie Perreault Editor

Textual Layering

TEXTURES: Philosophy / Literature / Culture (Series)

Maria Margaroni Editor
Apostolos Lampropoulos Editor

Horrific Humor and the Moment...

John A. Dowell Editor
Cynthia J. Miller Editor

The Role of Intelligence in...

Timothy R. Walton Editor
Jonathan R. Alger Contributor

The Roads to Congress 2008

Robert Dewhirst Editor
Ken Hechler Editor

Better Worlds

Peter Roberts Author
John Freeman-Moir Author

Pragmatist Variations on...

Lenart Skof Author

History of American Political...

Bryan-Paul Frost Editor
Jeffrey Sikkenga Editor

Augustine and Psychology

Augustine in Conversation: Tradition and Innovation (Series)

Sandra Dixon Editor
John Doody Editor

The Future of Religious...

John Eibner Editor
Taner Ak├žam Contributor

Romantic Sustainability

Ecocritical Theory and Practice (Series)

Ben P. Robertson Editor
Lauren Cameron Contributor

Classical Myth in Alfred...

Mark William Padilla Author

Method as Identity

Religion and Race (Series)

Christopher M. Driscoll Author
Monica R. Miller Author

The Bully Pulpit,...

Jeffrey S. Ashley Editor
Marla J. Jarmer Editor