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Thinking with Whitehead and...

Contemporary Whitehead Studies (Series)

Brian G. Henning Editor
William T. Myers Editor

Textual Layering

TEXTURES: Philosophy / Literature / Culture (Series)

Maria Margaroni Editor
Apostolos Lampropoulos Editor

Jonathan Swift and Philosophy

Janelle Pötzsch Editor
Michael Hauskeller Contributor

Designer Biology

Ronald L. Sandler Editor
John Basl Editor

Philosophy Imprisoned

Sarah Tyson Editor
Joshua M. Hall Editor

Tyranny and Music

Joseph E. Morgan Editor
Gregory N. Reish Editor

William James, Moral...

American Philosophy (Series)

Jacob L. Goodson Editor
Guy Axtell Contributor

Evolutionary Pragmatism and...

Beth L. Eddy Author

History of American Political...

Applications of Political Theory (Series)

Bryan-Paul Frost Editor
Jeffrey Sikkenga Editor

Gabriel Marcel and American...

American Philosophy (Series)

David W. Rodick Author

A History of Habit

Tom Sparrow Editor
Adam Hutchinson Editor

Pragmatist Variations on...

Lenart Skof Author

Philosophic Values and World...

Jacoby Adeshei Carter Author
Leonard Harris Author

George Herbert Mead in the...

F. Thomas Burke Editor
Krzysztof Skowronski Editor

The Philosophy of Christopher...

The Philosophy of Popular Culture (Series)

Jason T. Eberl Editor
George A. Dunn Editor

Classical Myth in Alfred...

Mark William Padilla Author

F.C.S. Schiller and the Dawn...

Mark J. Porrovecchio Author

Hunting Down Social Darwinism

Stuart K. Hayashi Author

The Antipodean Philosopher

Graham Oppy Author
John Bigelow Contributor

Richard J. Bernstein and the...

American Philosophy (Series)

Marcia Morgan Editor
Megan Craig Editor

Method as Identity

Religion and Race (Series)

Christopher M. Driscoll Author
Monica R. Miller Author