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The Columbia Companion to the...

Blanche H. Gelfant Editor
Lawrence Graver Author

The Columbia History of...

Victor H. Mair Editor

The Critical Pulse

Jeffrey J. Williams Editor
Heather Steffen Editor

The Forms of Youth

Stephanie Burt Author

Classic Writings on Poetry

William Harmon Editor

Victorian Prose

Rosemary J. Mundhenk Editor
LuAnn McCracken Fletcher Editor


Italian Academy Lectures (Series)

Umberto Eco Author
William Weaver Translator

Second Read

Columbia Journalism Review (Series)

James Marcus Editor
The Staff of the Columbia Journalism Review Editor

Uptown Conversation

Robert G. O'Meally Editor
Brent Hayes Edwards Editor

A Coney Island Reader

Louis J. Parascandola Editor
John Parascandola Editor

Gypsies and the British...

Deborah Epstein Nord Author

Think in Public

Public Books (Series)

Sharon Marcus Editor
Caitlin Zaloom Editor

The Trouble with Post-Blackness

Houston A. Baker Jr. Editor
K. Merinda Simmons Editor

Critics, Coteries, and...

Gender and Culture (Series)

Wendy Graham Author

Theory's Empire

Daphne Patai Editor
Wilfrido Corral Editor

Imaginary Ethnographies

Gabriele Schwab Author

"Do You Have a Band?"

Daniel Kane Author