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David Cannadine Author


Encounters: Experience and Anthropological Knowledge (Series)

Richard Joseph Martin Editor
Dieter Haller Editor

The UK Constitution after Miller

Mark Elliott Editor
Jack Williams Editor

Literature and Capital

Thomas Docherty Author

The Cognitive Science of...

Scientific Studies of Religion: Inquiry and Explanation (Series)

D. Jason Slone Editor
William W. McCorkle Jr. Editor

Directing Shakespeare in America

Charles Ney Author

The Changeling

New Mermaids (Series)

Thomas Middleton Author
William Rowley Author

A Literary History of...

Jan Frans van Dijkhuizen Author

Wittgenstein, Religion and...

Mikel Burley Editor

Portraits of Wittgenstein

F.A. Flowers III Editor
Ian Ground Editor

Reviving Cicero in Drama

Gesine Manuwald Author


Hans-Georg Moeller Editor
Andrew Whitehead Editor

T&T Clark Handbook to Early...

T&T Clark Hand (Series)

Soham Al-suadi Editor
Peter-Ben Smit Editor


Genevieve Lennon Editor
Colin King Editor

The Bloomsbury Handbook of...

Robin Truth Goodman Editor

The Bloomsbury Handbook of...

Jeffrey R. Di Leo Editor

Laughing at Architecture

Michela Rosso Editor