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The Beach at Night

Elena Ferrante Author
Ann Goldstein Translator

The Beach at Night

Elena Ferrante Author
Mara Cerri Illustrator

Nadia's Tears

Devya's Children Series

Julie C. Gilbert Author

Confused Hearts

Claudia Piano Author
Daniela Domenici Translator

Little Wolf's Handy Book of...

Little Wolf Series

Ian Whybrow Author

Invasion of the Mind Swappers...

Tales from the House of Bunnicula Series

Book 2

James Howe Author
Brett Helquist Illustrator

Alice's Adventures in...

Alice Series

Lewis Carroll Author

Alpha Centauri

Robert Siegel Author


Steve Pawlett Author
Mark Irwin Author


Esther Ehrlich Author
Jenna Lamia Narrator


Analee Miranda Author

Festival of the Gargoyles

Robert Hallmann Author

Splendors and Glooms

Laura Amy Schlitz Author